Local Businesses Around Cleveland Getting Help From Cleveland Cavaliers Star

For the 2020-2021 season, Larry Nance Jr. Will be helping local businesses around Cleveland. As the time approaches for the season of giving Larry Nance Jr. has built a structured idea to help all the businesses struggling during the pandemic.

How will Larry Nance Jr. Help the Local businesses Around Cleveland

Larry Nance Jr. is a star on and off the court. On the court, he is the Cleveland Cavaliers Power Forward/Center trying to make a name for himself in the NBA. off the court, he is an honorable and unselfish humanitarian.

His plan is simple. Send a piece of apparel with a local business logo that you would like to see helped. That article of clothing will be worn by Larry Nance Jr. for a game, get photographed and post it on social media to help the cause. The jersey he wears that night will be sold and he will match the price it was sold for. 100% of the proceeds goes to the business he represents that night. This will go on every game this season.

How Does this Benefit the Local Businesses Around Cleveland

The city of Cleveland is going through rough times which includes every other major city. The pandemic not only is costing countless lives in the community but it is putting a strangle hold on Cleveland’s local businesses. This is a great cause and the rest of the team could follow suit to help the local businesses. Since this is for charity, the business that is featured that night could get a couple hundred dollars where they never knew they would get it.

If the local businesses go under, it will have an indirect impact on the Cleveland Cavaliers whole organization. Local businesses always do their part for the professional team in the city. They help sponsor radio affiliates that get the word out on a local scale. It is time the NBA and their players give back to the community by helping the local businesses around Cleveland.

Larry Nance Jr. has always given back to the community. He also helped the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation which raises awareness for the disease. He also has suffered with Crohn’s disease and he shows young patients to never let the disease hold you back.

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