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Caged Steel
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Caged Steel – More Than Just a Promotion

With many smaller MMA organizations struggling to survive amongst the madness of the global pandemic, Caged Steel of-course facing their own challenges, have taken the opportunity to give back to the community and influence lives through martial arts.

Caged Steel Founder Dominic Gibbs and Caged Steel Martial Arts and Kickboxing Online Co-founder Neil White, were forced to cancel their last event of the year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead of sulking and laying down for the year, the two decided to plan and plot some new projects under Caged Steel, which is currently separating the promotion from the rest in the UK.

In times of uncertainty, Caged Steel is paving the way on how to face and conquer adversity head-on. As much as we can look forward to hearing that octagon door close in the Doncaster Dome, let’s shed some light on the amazing things Caged Steel is doing.

Introducing Martial Arts Fitness, Free of Charge, to Children and Schools

Launched in September 2020, this thrilling new program aims to bring martial arts into primary schools during their P.E lessons.

Each lesson will be informative and fun-packed, giving students between the ages of 7 and 9 a way to get physically active and make bonds with their classmates. Within each lesson, an important life value will be taught through martial arts techniques. The program is based on the Kickboxing discipline of martial arts.

Caged Steel believes that if children are taught these core values at an early age, their development through childhood is greatly improved. Those core life value’s include;

  • Attention – Teaching children to listen, focus, and follow instructions.
  • Dedication – Teaching children that the quality of commitment will help them to make good choices, learn from their mistakes, and reach life goals.
  • Discipline – Training Children to obey rules, or a code of conduct to improve their overall behaviour. Teaching children that self-discipline is needed to reach their long term goals.
  • Confidence – Teaching Children to be sure of themselves and their abilities – not in an arrogant way but a realistic and secure way.
  • Attitude – Teaching a positive attitude, showing children how to turn a negative attitude around can develop coping skills that will serve them well throughout life.
  • Respect – Teaching to treat others in a caring way and understand other people’s opinions and values. Showing that authority figures should be looked up to, be that a Teacher, Parent/Guardian, Police, etc…

As children progress through the course, they will be awarded a stripe to their belt that demonstrates a true understanding of the value.

Become a Caged Steel Black Belt!

Caged Steel understands there are many individuals who are eager on starting their martial arts journey but are apprehensive about stepping foot inside a gym. Dominic Gibbs and his team have developed the perfect program to suit beginners looking to take their first steps into the world of martial arts and get people moving while some gyms may still be closed.

You will be put through your paces by a black belt instructor in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Here are some more added benefits of getting off the couch and getting involved;

  • Lessons suitable for beginner to black belt.
  • Live real-time grading.
  • Pre-recorded lessons from any device, any time.
  • No commitment, cancel anytime.
  • Lifetime community membership.
  • Your training will improve your physical and mental health.
  • Lessons will develop fitness, technical skills, and release pent-up energies and emotions.
  • You can learn to be a kickboxer, no experience needed.

Caged Steel has been working hard on staying busy in a time where the promotion is unable to put on fights, and I believe they deserve all the support and exposure they can get. All the work Caged Steel is doing is only going to have a positive impact on communities and children’s lives moving forward.

Featured Image Credits to Caged Steel

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