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Trade for Yu Darvish: Four Teams Who Should Jump on It

One of the biggest changes has already happened, with Theo Epstein stepping down and away from the Cubs and another could come in the form trade for Yu Darvish.

The Chicago Cubs are going to be one of the most intriguing teams to keep an eye on throughout the MLB offseason. After another disappointing finish losing to the Miami Marlins in the postseason, the change could be coming in a big way.

In addition to the Epstein change, the Cubs also non-tendered slugger Kyle Schwarber, despite this, he may still end up back in Chicago, but no one knows for sure.

Jon Lester is a free agent and many don"t expect him to end up returning to the Cubs this offseason. Kris Bryant has been mentioned in a ton of trade rumors and let"s be honest, the franchise could look to sell high on a trade for Yu Darvish.

Thomas Harrigan of MLB.com broke down why the Cubs should trade Darvish. It makes sense, although they also could keep Darvish and simply build around him in the rotation. He had a tremendous season last year.

During the 2020 MLB season with the Cubs, Darvish ended up recording an 8-3 record to go along with a 2.01 ERA. Those numbers were exactly why the Cubs signed Darvish a couple years back in the first place. It also made him very valuable on the trade market.

All of that being said, let"s take a look at four teams who should pursue a trade for Yu Darvish with the Cubs this offseason.

Trade for Yu Darvish Candidiates

4. New York Yankees

First up, we have to talk about the Yankees. They seem to be a potential landing spot when any big-name hits the market. One of their main areas of weakness is in the rotation and a trade for Yu Darvish would be a big-time addition for them.

Assuming the Yankees are still all-in on winning a World Series, they should be a team to watch. They have some young pieces that could be used to swing a trade for a big name. A trade for Yu Darvish would have to be of interest and would make a ton of sense.

3. San Francisco Giants

Next, the Giants are a team that will be looking to improve their roster. They want to get back into serious postseason contention and adding to their rotation will be a must. Darvish could very well end up being the best player available.

Finding a trade between the Giants and Cubs could be a little difficult, but San Francisco has enough pieces to make something work. If they truly want Yu Darvish, they will be able to get him.

2. Oakland Athletics

Perhaps the most intriguing team on this list would be the Athletics. They are not a big-market team and no one truly looks at them as a serious World Series contender. However, they are without a doubt capable of competing.

Adding more talent to their rotation would be a wise decision. Oakland could use more consistency offensively as well, but the rotation will be key. Yu Darvish could come in and immediately become the ace for the A"s and might just be the piece that powers them to a series win in the playoffs.

1. Los Angeles Angels

Finally, there is one team that seems to always be looking to make a splash as they try to build a contender. Joe Maddon and the Angels would have to be a team with interest in Yu Darvish. They are doing everything they can to get into the postseason, but things just haven"t worked out quite yet.

With Mike Trout as the face of the franchise, L.A. knows that they need to get aggressive. Making a play to acquire Darvish would be exactly the kind of aggressiveness they need. Keep an eye on the Angels to make a splash and a trade with the Cubs would be ideal.

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