White Sox Ethan Katz Hopes to Develop Young Pitchers

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The White Sox Ethan Katz may be a relatively unknown name, but White Sox fans should be excited for what he’s going to bring to the table in 2021.

The Chicago White Sox have brought in a new pitching coach for Tony La Russa’s staff and to help the young pitchers on the team. He only has one year of coaching experience at the big league level but is a former relief pitcher who has a great mind for the game.

White Sox Ethan Katz: What Will He Bring to Chicago?

Katz is a very forward-thinking type of coach which is something this White Sox pitching staff has been in need of for years. Former manager Don Cooper was a truly great pitching coach at one point but it was clear that the young players currently on this team were not receptive to his coaching style.

Cooper was very old-school and is someone who doesn’t look much into stats. He has said in the past that stats are just that, stats. In 2021 you have to be able to look at analytics and incorporate them into your coaching habits. There is a lot of young talent on the southside of Chicago, not just on the offensive side but the pitching staff as well.

As stated at the start of this article, The White Sox Ethan Katz is a former relief pitcher who, unfortunately never made it to the big league level. He’s still very young at just 37 years old and can actually relate to the young players in this staff, something that should be a breath of fresh air for fans.

Ethan Katz Has a history With the White Sox Already

Lucas Giolito is a legit Cy Young candidate who the Sox are lucky to have as a part of their squad. However, this wasn’t always the case after the White Sox acquired Lucas in a trade that involved Adam Eaton. Giolito made his debut for Chicago in 2018 and was one of the worst pitchers in all of the major leagues.

After the 2018 season, Lucas sought help from outside the organization and that help was none other than Ethan Katz. Giolito immediately had a major turnaround in 2019 and his success continued into 2020. Katz worked with Giolito that offseason and helped him sharpen his mechanics and become a better pitcher.

These two have a great relationship going all the way back to when Lucas was in high school because Katz was actually his coach back then. These two clearly have a great relationship and I would expect more success to come from the All-Star caliber pitcher.

Looking to the Future

The White Sox know what they have in their top two pitchers, Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel. The real test will be working with young prospects Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech. Kopech has worked with Ethan Katz a little bit already due to a Giolito recommendation.

Kopech in particular hasn’t pitched in over two years and may need some proper coaching. After getting Tommy John surgery and missing the 2019 season, he decided to opt-out of the shortened 2020 season to deal with personal issues. Fans are hoping that Kopech comes into 2021 with a clear mind and is ready to be a dominant pitcher for the White Sox.

Dylan Cease, on the other hand, is yet another one of these Sox prospects that people are hoping can turn into a stud pitcher. Ethan Katz has already talked about how he wants both of these guys to be key pieces for this White Sox rotation it’s just a matter of execution at this point.

Cease has shown that he has some absolutely nasty stuff but he has yet to put it all together at a consistent level. He has some brutal looking numbers that need to change. He only has 26 starts for the White Sox, and by no means am I giving up on him, but Ethan Katz is going to have to get more out of him if he wants to be a stud in this league.

The White Sox are playing for a World Series in 2020 and trading for Lance Lynn shows that, if Ethan Katz is able to straighten out this White Sox rotation they should be a real playoff contender in 2021.

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