Jake Paul and Michael Bisping Fight: What You Need to Know

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Michael Bisping is a beloved legend in our sport. Fans will never forget the hunger, the toughness, that Michael Bisping fights throughout his UFC career. After his retirement, the one-eyed legend withdrew from the USADA testing pool, putting a dash to the flames of hope in the hearts of the fans. But now, rumors are flying about a potential Jake Paul versus Michael Bisping fight.

Is a Jake Paul vs Michael Bisping Fight Possible?

Yes, there is still hope! On his podcast: ”Believe You Me”, Bisping had some intriguing news.

“I’ve got the green-light from my manager… Telling me I can say what the f—- I want. So Jake Paul… If you wanna go, man-up and put your hands in your pockets, and let’s go. Because you’re talking s—- to my managers saying that you wanna fight. Guess what buddy, I’m here!”

Will Jake Paul put his hands in his pockets and pay up? Or does the one-eyed legend stay retired? Stay tuned, and let’s find out!

Jake Paul vs. Michael Bisping fight – The Matchup

Now, time for some good ol’ fashion speculation! Many fans might be wondering, Does Jake Paul even stand a chance? Trained by former cruiserweight title-challenger BJ Flores, you might be surprised!

“I am a firm believer that fundamentals and technique are a major factor in any fighter being successful. With Jake, I wanted to make sure the foundation of his career was set properly.  We spent months and months on technique. Bringing his feet, legs, hips with his punches and thousands of reps on each one till he was doing them properly and without thinking,” explained Flores. (Source)

So, it appears that Jake Paul has really taken this sport seriously, and found a great coach. Working on the fundamentals and making sure he’s learning the craft the right way. Will it be enough to beat the great Michael Bisping? Let’s take a look at how the men match up physically. Coming in at 6’2, with a reach of 75 1/2 inches, Michael Bisping actually comes in with a reach disadvantage. On the other side of the ring potentially: Jake Paul. Coming in at 6’2 as well, with a solid 76 inches of reach. Not a huge advantage, in fact pretty minuscule. So what of the experience then? Well, as far as fighting; obviously Michael Bisping takes the edge. What of boxing experience though?

Bisping is 0-0, and Paul is 2-0. On paper, it decievingly looks like Jake could have the upper hand. Of course, Bisping was probably boxing while Paul was still in diapers, so Jake Paul really better be training for this Michael Bisping fight!

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