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Leeds United Manager Biesla Explains Playing Style Ahead of Man U

Leeds United Manager Marcelo Biesla recently sat down with Sky Sports to talk about his playing style, heading into the first matchup against Manchester United this week.

It’s significant, not just because the match is the first one between the two in 16 years, but there have been questions leading up to this week about the style, and why Beisla prefers it.

Leeds had been relegated from the EPL to the Champions League for quite some time, and could be on the block again if something doesn’t shape up.

“In your face” from Leeds United Manager

Leeds United’s top man likes a style that is in your face at all times, and that was shown right out of the gate against Liverpool. Every man on the pitch was marked, and a full throttle attack was in place to keep everyone on their toes.

It’s wonderful to watch, but it can leave a club open to large defeats if ran against fast and physical opponents.

That’s the question leading into the week. Leeds currently sits 13th, just barely in the top half of the league, and faces a team that could take advantage of the style, and leave many questioning Biesla’s style.

Nevertheless, Biesla says this week will not be any different. Man U isn’t going to change the way they play, and neither will any other club.

“In the Championship, our matches were all very similar. But every game we play in the Premier League is a different challenge to the last one. There have been good moments and bad moments, good games and bad games. We are working on it but we are not a consistent team yet.”

Marcelo Biesla, Leeds United Manager

He knows his style is better fit for the Champions League, so many of the games are similar. It’s a different animal in the Premier League, and their 13th-place showing proves that.

His team will play the one game on Sunday, December 20th at Man U, then off for the holiday week, until coming home to face Burnley before they hit the road for a two-week stretch.

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