Miami Heat Season Preview: Will the Heat Remain Hot in 2021?

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Fresh off of a championship run and a shot at the title, the Miami Heat look to keep their core guys and reload with some new faces. Will this be enough to take another shot at a chip? Stick with us to find out in this Miami Heat season preview!

Familiar Faces

The Heat have managed to reload and get exceptionally better, all while keeping their core unit. This is impressive in itself, but just how great is it for Miami? The Heat will get to adjust their starting five from last year, but keep the same players in the lineup essentially.

My Projected Starting Five:

PG: Goran Dragic
Dragic provides the experience and ‘true point guard’ capabilities that this young team needs. He is consistently good and a gifted playmaker. Dragic actually improved last season from his 2018-19 season. Last year, Goran averaged 16.2 ppg on 44.1% shooting and 5.1 apg, putting him well above average in the guard category in comparison to the league.

SG: Duncan Robinson
I’m going to be real for a second, Tyler Herro might be my second favorite Heat player behind Bam Adebayo, but Robinson has more than impressed me with his shooting over his sophomore year. Being the second youngest player, behind Stephen Curry, to hit over 250 threes in a season AND one of only four players to hit over 220 threes last season, Robinson is well deserving of the starting shooting guard role. Don’t be surprised if you see him and Herro swapping lineup spots though.

SF: Jimmy Butler
Jimmy is a lock for the starting lineup on almost any unit. Need I say more? The defensive anchor and firepower the Heat need to remain on the grind and ready for any team they come in contact with. You saw it with the Lakers, Jimmy will wheel and deal and MAKE this team better. I believe he finally has his perfect fit.

PF: Meyers Leonard
Leonard wasn’t bad by any means in the games that he played with Miami last season. He’s never been a prolific scorer or even rebounder, but he brings the stretch position to life. Leonard was able to hit a three a game in 2.5 attempts last season, averaging 41.4% from deep. This is what will work best with the Heat. They need players surrounding the perimeter that will take and make shots around Dragic and Jimmy. It wouldn’t be odd to switch him and Bam around at these positions either.

C: Bam Adebayo
After signing a five-year max deal, get used to seeing Adebayo in the starting lineup. This man can do it all. A defensive stud, capable scorer, can hit the mid-range jumper and a great facilitator. Bam is really an all-around great player. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, don’t be surprised to see the versatile big man see some shots at power forward, or even small forward, throughout the season.

To go along with this starting five, you also see returns from our bench guys in veteran forwards, Udonis Haslem and Andre Iguodala, as well as returns from Kendrick Nunn (who you might see starting minutes) and Kelly Olynyk

Other Potential Starting Five:

PG: Tyler Herro
With Dragic coming off of an injury, plus being 34 years old, the Heat should look to experiment with Herro in the starting lineup. In this lineup, you will probably see Jimmy bringing the ball down the floor, with Herro looking to score. Herro has already proven to be an immaculate scorer, just by his playoff performances. I’m sure we will see spurts of greatness again from this young star.

SG: Duncan Robinson

SF: Jimmy Butler

PF: Maurice Harkless
One of the newest additions to Miami, Mo Harkless provides another perimiter shooting threat. In this lineup, the shooting spread will cause teams defense to have to focus on multiple shooters.

C: Bam Adebayo

Key Additions

The Heat were able to gather a few really great players in the offseason. They improved on their already strong bench and even added a shooting touch with the acquisitions of Avery Bradley, Maurice Harkless and rookie Precious Achiuwa. These players will be a boost to an already great core and will push the Heat to that next level they need to be at to compete with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Achiuwa should make any Heat fan excited. He will come in and play with a sense of urgency and purpose. He can seem a little out-of-control at times, but that will change with experience. He will give the Heat bench great energy and become the defensive backbone.

Another impressive addition, as shown on Friday night, was sophomore forward, KZ Okpala. KZ exploded for 24 points on 9/15 shooting. He also drilled 6 threes in 34 minutes.

Look for the Heat to come back reloaded for their next shot at a championship. This season should be an exciting one for Heat Nation, as they’re finally back in the race.

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