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The Perfect Kris Bryant Trade

Since Cubs fans did not appreciate the perfect Willson Contreras trade, part one or part two. Focus has shifted to the perfect Kris Bryant trade. With Bryant entering his contract year and word fierce around the league that a Bryant trade is inevitable, fans need to know the Cubs will not get full value for the former MVP. Now it is time to dive into the perfect Kris Bryant trade.

Perfect Kris Bryant Trade Suitors

The Perfect Kris Bryant trade suitor would need to be a team on the come up, it would also need be a destination Bryant is willing to re-sign with. If the Cubs can construct the perfect Kris Bryant trade with a team that can re-sign him, then his value would increase significantly. Another important feat for the perfect suitor is strong pitching prospects, as the Cubs need of replenishing their stock.

The Suitors

There are three potential suitors, to devise the perfect Kris Bryant Trade. The first team that comes to mind is the Kansas City Royals, although they are not quite at the point of contending and not the most desirable location, they do have a few strong pitching prospects such as Asa Lacy, Daniel Lynch, and Jackson Kowar. Now the Royals would not part ways with all three prospects, but the Cubs may be able to pry one away.

The second to the Cubs could construct the perfect Kris Bryant trade with is the Toronto Blue Jays. Now many people will say this does not make sense as the Blue jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr. but Vlad was seeing a lot of time at first base last season. The Blue Jays are an up-and-coming team, for them to add Bryant to the lineup would bring the Jays strides closer to the Yankees and Rays.

The third team that could get in on the Kris Bryant sweepstakes would be the Chicago White Sox. The north side may not take kindly to this idea, although the White Sox have a strong farm and a window to compete. It would make for a sour sight to see the former Cubs star with the crosstown White Sox, but the White Sox could also construct that perfect Kris Bryant trade.

The Perfect Kris Bryant Trade

Sorry Cubs fans, the perfect Kris Bryant trade will take place with the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox simply receive Kris Bryant. Bryant would not be heading across town to play third base though, he would be heading over to man right field, leaving Yoan Moncada at the hot corner.

Now, after back-to-back disappointing seasons for the Cubs" third baseman, he will not be fetching a big prospect haul, forget about Michael Kopech too. The White Sox would start off by sending right-handed pitcher Jonathan Stiever. Stiever has a strong curveball along with a 92-96 mph fastball, although he still needs to work on his control before getting a full-time spot in the rotation.

Along with Stiever, the White Sox would be sending 2017 first-round pick Jake Burger to the north side. Although, Burger is a high-risk player as he tore his left Achilles tendon in 2018 while running out a ground ball, then tore it again while rehabbing. With a high-risk player like Burger, the White Sox would need to add one more sweetener to this deal in order to make the perfect Kris Bryant trade. That player would be speedy outfielder James Beard. Beard has drawn comparisons to former Cub Billy Hamilton due to his speed.

The Perfect Kris Bryant Trade Recap

In the perfect Kris Bryant trade part one, the Cubs deal Bryant to the White Sox for three young players. Jonathan Siever is almost ready to step into the rotation. Jake Burger is a high-risk third baseman with lots of potential and heart. The speedster James Beard. Some fans may not think this is the perfect Kris Bryant trade, but the fact of the matter is Bryant does not have the same value as he did in 2016. It is better to get something for him than it is to watch him walk. Keep an eye out for the perfect Kris Bryant trade 2.0.

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