Flyers Rumors : Love to be Successful Getting Patrik Laine

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Philadelphia Flyers rumors are buzzing around the possibility of trading for a number of great players. There have been plenty of names during the offseason being heard like Johnny Gaudreau, William Nylander, and Patrick Kane. The best name out being floated out there is Winnipeg Jets goal-scoring phenom, Patrik Laine.

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Jordan Hall published an article called “The Interest in Laine, no change in Hoffman, and more in 3 Flyers Thoughts.” It shows that there is a huge interest in the Winnipeg Jets‘ 2016 second-round pick. Patrik Laine is one of the biggest names on the trade market. The Flyers have stepped up their talks in the past few days even though Pierre LeBrum said in October that trade talks have cooled down.

In October, Patrik Laine was in plenty of trade discussions. The Carolina Hurricanes, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Montreal Canadiens were all itching to grab him. The Hurricanes didn’t have the money, the Blue Jackets didn’t have the assets to facilitate trade, and the price was also too high for the Canadiens.

The Flyers will pick up negotiations when they get a better feel for the season. They need to focus on what would be good bargaining chips for Laine. Negotiations could last a while but the Flyers have the best interest at hand at the moment.

Flyers Rumors: When to Pull the Trigger

The best time to pull the trigger is during the season. As the season goes on, we will see a differing landscape of the NHL’s economical environment. We will also see how the Flyers are going to adapt.

Last season, the Flyers had a hard time adapting. When the return to play came about, the Flyers were headed to the playoffs as the first seed and scored at will. Once the playoffs came, they stopped scoring. They barely beat the Montreal Canadiens and they completely stopped scoring against the New York Islanders in the second round. This is exactly why the Flyers need goal scoring.

Flyers Rumors: Why Laine Isn’t Happy with the Winnipeg Jets

The main problem with Laine is that he is a generational scoring first-line talent. Despite this, the Winnipeg Jets were playing him on the second line. He has asked for a trade to a team that needs him on the first line or he will discover his worth in free agency. Needless to say, he wants out sooner than later.

Flyers Rumors: Patrik Laine contract

Patrik Laine does have one more year on his contract. He is set to make $6.75 million this next season. The Flyers have a boatload of cap space. This season, they project to have $2,261,148, and next season they have $18,798,810 to play with roughly.

The Flyers do have a couple of players to resign next season like Brian Elliott and Carter Hart. In the 2022-23 campaign, they will have to re-sign Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier.

Flyers Rumors: Who to Trade That Makes Cap Sense

Shayne Gostisbehere has been in trade discussions for years. Letting him go at $4.5 million would help the cap. The Winnipeg Jets have always been looking for defense. Ivan Provorov is a solid choice with a $6.75 million price tag but doubtful. They have Travis Sanheim at $3.25 million and Philippe Meyers at $2.55 million which would be a better trade. Of course, the Jets would want a forward to replace Laine. Kevin Hayes is at $7.1 million or Travis Konecny is at $5.5 million.

The development of the Flyers rumors will continue through the season. The Flyers would love to score the great scoring phenom, Patrik Laine.

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