Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Three Bold Deals That Make Sense

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Even as the Hot Stove season in MLB remains in chill mode, reviewing Minnesota Twins trade rumors is always in season. While the Twins edged out the Indians and the White Sox in the AL Central in 2020, there is still work to do. Having come up short in their quest to reach the World Series, the Twins cannot afford to stand by. Here is a look at three potential deals that could help them hold off the charging White Sox in 2021.

Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Shortstop

Yes, the Twins have Jorge Polanco, and one could make a case that they have bigger needs. On the other hand, what if a generational shortstop is available? What if the Twins could acquire the best overall shortstop in the game? If the goal is to win in 2021, this is a trade the Twins must pursue with all they have.

The Indians have made it clear that star shortstop Francisco Lindor is available for the right trade package. Lindor would represent a major upgrade over Polanco, with all due respect to Polanco, Lindor is just that good and would boost the Twins in many ways. Yes, it may cost a couple of prospects, but the Twins have a great opportunity to make a deep run in the postseason. Besides, if Lindor is one-and-done in the Twin-Cities, Royce Lewis is not far away.

Trading for Lindor would signal to Twins fans that management wants to win now. Yes, there is some future risk in trading within the division. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that a prospect may come back to haunt the Twins later. Then again, Twins’ fans want more than division titles. A trade for Lindor makes them solid favorites in the A.L. Central and is one of the Minnesota Twins trade rumors that needs to happen.

Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Bullpen

The Twins’ bullpen was a strength in 2020, so why would one suggest seeking bullpen help? The answer is simple: Trevor May, Tyler Clippard, and Sergio Romo, the team’s leaders in appearances, are all free agents. Yep, all three of them are on the market. If the Twins are to make a deep run into October, they need a big arm in the bullpen. They need a dominant reliever to help nail down close games.

How about the Brewers’ lefthander Josh Hader? While the Brewers value him as an elite reliever, they are still willing to consider trade offers. Hader is 26 and throws heat from the left side that is hard to find. He often throws two innings, if needed, saving wear and tear on his bullpen mates. To a team seeking a return to the Fall Classic, Hader would be a most valuable weapon.

Obviously, the Brewers are not going to give Hader away. He would no doubt cost the Twins some prospects, maybe even top-tier prospects. Just as in the Lindor trade, there is give-and-take. At least the Brewers are in a different league, so the Twins would not have to face their former prospects down the road. Again, this is one of those Twins trade rumors that would bring them one step closer to ultimate greatness.

Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Starting Pitching

Every team needs starting pitching; no team ever has enough pitching, and the Twins are no different. While the trio of Kenton Maeda, Jose Berrios, and Michael Pineda is solid, it simply is not enough to separate the Twins in the AL Central. The White Sox also go three deep with the addition of Lance Lynn, while the Indians still boast a solid rotation, perhaps even deeper than the Twins, Minnesota definitely needs to make a move with their rotation.

So, what is the bold move for the Twins here? Sure, Jake Odorizzi has served them well in his time here. He is also still available as an option, yet we are talking about bold moves here. The move here has to be signing Trevor Bauer. This move should be at the top of any Minnesota Twins trade rumors. While it is not a trade, it is still a major deal that would give the Twins the best rotation in the American League. Open up the checkbook and make it happen, Mr. Pohlad!

Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Fantasy Or Reality?

At the end of the day, all of this may just be a fantasy for Minnesota fans. After all, the team, just like 29 other MLB teams, claims to have had big financial losses in 2020. While that may be true, the only season fans have to look forward to is 2021. Who knows if there will even be a 2022 season, with the pending CBA discussions? Twins management owes it to the fans to make it happen in 2021. These Minnesota Twins trade rumors will make the dream a reality in 2021. What do you say, Mr. Levine?

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