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Rudy Gobert is the Highest-Paid Center in NBA History

Please make no mistake about it. This is a huge overpay for Rudy Gobert. Locking Gobert down makes the Jazz a definite playoff team, but there is getting over the fact that they won’t go deep in the playoffs with him. Jazz has one Of the highest floors in the NBA but not a high ceiling. This is due to the limits Gobert has.

Utah Jazz made history by making Rudy Gobert the highest-paid center in NBA history. He signed a five-year contract worth 205 million dollars. This makes him the third-highest paid player in NBA history and the highest-paid center ever.

Is Rudy Gobert Worth Being the Highest-Paid Center

As an offensive presence, Gobert is insufficient. He can set excellent screens with his big frame and bring in offensive rebounds, but that is all he can do offensively. He can’t attack switches, he isn’t a playmaker, and he can’t space out the floor. Free throw shooting is awful also.

As a defensive presence, Gobert is one of the best defensemen in the game. The only problem is he lacks the same confidence in his defense in the playoffs.


In the Denver Nuggets series, Gobert was matched up with Jokic. Jokic dominated every aspect of each game against Gobert. In the two Houston Rockets series, his defense and offense were nonexistent.

Which Teams would have Paid the Highest-Paid Center

Brooklyn Nets was a team that was looking into getting Gobert. Now that the Nets are all in on trying to get James Harden to Brooklyn, this won’t happen.

The Hornets could have been an interested team. Terry Rosier and Cody Zeller would have been good bargaining chips to start. Miles Bridges would have been a decent trade piece.

The Dallas Mavericks were rumored for Gobert but it wasn’t believable. The way they value their big centers and paying them decently is a far cry from paying one guy for a tank full of money.

Highest-Paid Center: Conclusion

The ultimate goal for an NBA franchise is an NBA Championship. Utah Jazz had two paths. They could retain Rudy Gobert and become a playoff team every season or they could do away from Gobert and see what the unknown trail would take them. If the Jazz wants to win a title, they will have to build around Mitchell and Gobert. All they can do now is be a respectable playoff team with a low ceiling at the moment.

The Jazz did recently sign Mitchell. Even with him by Gobert’s side, they still need additional help. Of course, the salary cap factors into their future so it will get harder as his contract continues through.

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