Browns vs Steelers Game in Week 17 Could Determine Division

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The Browns vs Steelers game in Week 17 could end up being more than just a season finale. These two teams could be playing for the AFC North division title, thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals‘ big win on Monday Night Football. What seemed like a lock for the Steelers just a few weeks ago has now taken a bad turn. Three losses in a row will do that.

The Colts will need to chip in and beat Pittsburgh this week to help out, and Cleveland must also take care of business against the Jets, but the door is open for this Browns vs Steelers game to determine the division crown.

Possibly the Most Important Browns vs Steelers Game Ever

The biggest question that needs to be answered should this scenario come to pass: Can the Browns actually beat Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers?

Since taking over as the starting quarterback for Pittsburgh, all Roethlisberger has done is dominate pretty much every Browns vs Steelers game. Since he has been the starter, Ben has wrecked Cleveland to the tune of a 24-2-1 record. But is this the same Big Ben? It did not look that way against the Bengals and Roethlisberger will certainly not be facing the same old Browns, especially at quarterback. Baker Mayfield has been on fire, playing some of the best football at that position in the entire league.

Winning three of his last four and leading his team into the playoffs, Mayfield has played at a level on par with the best in the NFL since Week seven.

The Browns running game is still strong, as well, going with Pro Bowler Nick Chubb and super-sub Kareem Hunt. While the defense is still a work in progress, the Browns seem to be playing their best ball of the year at the right time. Given a chance, can Baker and company finally take down one of the big boys? Will Big Ben find himself again against the team he owns in his career?

We still have one week, and we all know things can change in an instant in the NFL. If it all plays out the way it certainly looks like it could, we might get a Browns vs Steelers game for the ages. Just a few weeks ago, nobody would have thought any of this possible. That is the NFL for you.

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