Sacramento Kings 2020-21 Win-Loss Predictions – Part 1/4 – Doubtful Kings Crack .500 This Season

Written By: Tom Witt – Twitter: @sactowncrown

The Sacramento Kings start the 2020-21 season on Wednesday 12/23 on the road against the Denver Nuggets.

2020-21 Sacramento Kings Regular Season Schedule

Ahead, I outline my Sacramento Kings 2020-21 win-loss predictions for the first 18 games of the season.

I decided to break down the season into ‘quarters’ (72 games divided by 4 = 18 games) – so this is the ‘first quarter’ of my predictions!

Glance Back at 2019-20

The Sacramento Kings finished the 2019-20 season with a 31-41 record – 12th in the NBA Western Conference.

An early 2020 hot streak saw the Kings go 13-7 over a 20 game stretch. That streak was brought to an end just seconds before their first and ONLY national television broadcast of the year on March 11th – due to coronavirus concerns.

The Kings did make a LITTLE noise by qualifying for the NBA ‘Bubble’ – but injuries, inconsistency, and other great NBA western conference teams got in their way of finishing in the playoff play-in.

Kings Must Improve ‘Foul Play’

Sacramento was also plagued by sub-par foul shooting and too much fouling on defense.

According to Basketball-Reference – last season, the Kings ranked 27th in the NBA in personal fouls – committing an average of 19.5 per game!

Sacramento ranked 29th in the NBA in free throw percentage – shooting an average of 79% as a team over the season.

Those are areas that will NEED to improve for the Kings to have any shot at battling for the playoffs, in the short or long term.

Sactown Crown 2020/21 Win-Loss Predictions – Game 1-18

12/23 – at Denver Nuggets

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (0-1)

12/26 – vs. Phoenix Suns

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (0-2)

12/27 – vs. Phoenix Suns

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (0-3)

12/29 – vs. Denver Nuggets

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (0-4)

12/31 – at Houston Rockets

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (1-4)

1/2/21 – at Houston Rockets

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (1-5)

1/4 – at Golden State Warriors

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (2-5)

1/6 – vs. Chicago Bulls

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (3-5)

1/8 – vs. Toronto Raptors

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (3-6)

1/9 – vs. Portland Trailblazers

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (3-7)

1/11 – vs. Indiana Pacers

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (4-7)

1/13 – vs. Portland Trailblazers

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (4-8)

1/15 – vs. LA Clippers

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (4-9)

1/17 – vs. New Orleans Pelicans

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (5-9)

1/20 – at LA Clippers

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (5-10)

1/22 – vs. New York Knicks

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (6-10)

1/24 – at Memphis Grizzlies

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – LOSS (6-11)

1/25 – at Memphis Grizzlies

Sactown Crown Report Prediction – WIN (7-11)

I predict the Kings will start 7-11 in their first 18 games of this 72 game season.

How do your Sacramento Kings 2020-21 win-loss predictions compare to mine? Let me know on my Twitter – Sactown Crown Report

Health Will Determine a Lot

The health of the Kings will determine A LOT during this season and in the future. Also, selfishly, it will be a large factor in how well I do in my Sacramento Kings 2020-21 win-loss predictions.

The Kings were plagued by the injury bug during the 2019-20 season. As a team, they really never had their full lineup healthy and available at the same time all season.

Marvin Bagley III was sidelined with multiple injuries during his first two seasons in the NBA, which slowed his personal development as a player and the Kings development as a team.

Doug Christie recently went on the Deuce & Mo Podcast where he discussed, among many things, why he thinks Marvin Bagley III is the ‘X-factor’ for the Kings.

Richaun Holmes was a huge bright spot for the Kings last season but missed much of the end of the season with a shoulder injury.

Even De’Aaron Fox has been a bit injury prone – which is often due to him having to ‘take over’ for the Kings offensively.

When Fox takes over, it means he usually will be driving into the lane, running the fast break and putting his still developing NBA body into harms way.

As the Kings develop more scoring threats around Fox, his injury risk should lessen.

If the Kings can stay relatively healthy, they will not only benefit from added playing time together but will also give their ‘higher level’ opponents fits.

Sactown Crown Report – Kings Draft Breakdown and G-League Update

COVID Protocol Could HELP Sacramento?

The COVID situation in the NBA will be interesting.

Hear me out here …

WHAT IF the Kings stay healthy, and just happen to play teams in the league when they are short handed.

Whether that means the Lakers rest LeBron James versus the Kings OR a team that has a few key players out from COVID protocol.

Obviously, the Kings can just as easily be struck by COVID protocols but we shall see how that unfolds.

The Kings Will Not Be .500 or Above at ANY Point This Season

I do not think the Kings will reach the .500 mark or higher over the season – unless it MAYBE happens in the first four games of the season.

Carmichael Dave of KHTK 1140 AM radio in Sacramento posted a poll on his Twitter asking his followers if the Kings will be above .500 this season – over 1000 voters chimed in, below are the results:

Predictably Negative Fan Predictions

It’s inevitable … Kings fans will be frustrated that the team will most likely be missing the playoffs for a 15th straight season.

There will be a point in the season where Kings fans will call for the FIRING of head coach Luke Walton. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN.

If Marvin Bagley III gets ANY sort of injury, knick, bruise, scrape, etc. Kings fans will start calling local Kings radio shows, explaining to Doug Christie why Bagley is a bust and must be shipped out for cash and a round of golf at Haggin Oaks.

There will be negativity over the NECESSARY struggles De’Aaron Fox will go through in terms of his three-point shot.

But, that’s ok.

Kings fans are passionate, frustrated, and they want to buy some DAMN playoff gear!

I can’t wait for my FEEL THE ROAR 2.0 window placard to be displayed in my car window, like its 2001, driving down HWY 5 getting cut off in rush hour Sactown traffic. AHHHH, a man can dream, right?

Sacramento Kings 2002 ARCO Arena(Rocky Widner)
Image From: NBA and Sacramento Kings

Kings In The National Media

Kings general manager Monte McNair joined Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast – ‘The Woj Pod’ on ESPN. He goes over A LOT in the 40-minute interview – how he got the job with the Kings, his history with the Rockets, how he LOVES the Sacramento Kings fanbase, and MORE!

Listen to Monte McNair on ‘The Woj Pod’

Check back for Part 2-4 of Sacramento Kings 2020-21 Win-Loss Predictions!

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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Tom Witt
Tom Witt has been in sports media for just under a decade. He started off freelancing, earning a role as an editor and Sacramento Kings writer at Overtime Heroics. He also is an avid Spikeball fan/competitor (roundnet is the name of the sport played on Spikeball equipment) - Tom is also the head editor at the Roundnet World blog.

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