Six Possible Seattle Seahawks Playoff Matchups

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As January approaches, Seattle fans can sit back comfortably knowing that their team is in the playoffs. If they care about seeding, however, they might want to watch the rest of the year. The potential Seahawks playoff matchups are all over the place because they have not yet clinched the NFC West division. A one-game lead over the LA Rams is good, but it means very little considering the Rams beat Seattle once already this season, and the two teams meet again this week. That game will likely decide the division and give further clarity as to who the Seahawks will be facing in January. But, for now, let’s take a look at all of the possibilities.

Potential Seahawks Playoff Matchups


Coming in first place in the “if the playoffs started today” category, is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These two teams have not met this season, but this could be a very good matchup for Seattle. On defense, Tampa has been more vulnerable to the pass than the run. On offense, Tom Brady has struggled with the blitz all year. This is a deadly combination for the Bucs’, considering the Seahawks have Jamal Adams (who has the most ever sacks in a season by a defensive back,) and the fact that Seattle passes more efficiently than it runs this year. Seattle would need to win the division and have Tampa finish as the number two wild-card team for this to happen.

Rams or Cardinals

If Seattle manages to hold onto the division, it will most likely come at the expense of the Rams. Seattle must beat LA in week 16 in order to win the NFC West and that win would knock the Rams down into the spot that Tampa currently occupies. If the Rams lose again, in week 17 to the Cardinals, then LA would fall once again and more Arizona into this spot to face the Seahawks. As far as who they would rather play, the Seahawks match up much better with the Cardinals. Seattle has not had much success with LA in the Sean McVay era, and a second matchup within a three week period definitely favors the Rams. Seattle has already proven it can beat Arizona this season, making them one of the only potential Seahawks playoff matchups that Seattle would relish. Then again, they also lost to Arizona this year, splitting the series 1-1.

NFC East Winner

If Seattle loses to the Rams and manages to fall down to a wild-card spot, they might be in some trouble because it would switch them from a home game to a road game. The Seahawks have lost only one time at home, but three times on the road already in 2020. They have also struggled with the NFC East division. Despite being 3-1, they have thoroughly unimpressed in those games. While matching up against probably the worst division of all-time, Seattle had only a +13 scoring margin. If we are looking for the scariest team for Seahawk fans, it’s probably the Giants. New York was the one team in the division to come away victorious against the ‘hawks in 2020 and that game was fairly recent (week 13).

Bears or Vikings

Both of these are long shots to be one of the Seahawks playoff matchups, but if the Seahawks can pass the Saints, and one of these teams can sneak into the playoffs, then this will be the matchup. Seattle has not faced Chicago in 2020 but had a classic battle with Minnesota earlier in the season. In a 27-26 nail biter, the Vikings showed they can hang with the Seahawks, but that was a different defense back then for Seattle. Adams was still out with an injury and the team had yet to incorporate Carlos Dunlap into the pass-rushing rotation. Despite the close call, Seattle would still most likely want to face Minnesota over Chicago. Chicago has the defense to at least challenge Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf, Minnesota probably does not.

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