Four Possible New Orleans Saints Playoff Matchups

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With the regular season coming to an end, it is time to look towards the playoffs. Something to look into are all of the potential Saints playoff matchups so that New Orleans fans can predict their teams’ success or failure.

With the playoffs right around the corner, some teams already have an advantage over others. In the AFC, Kansas City is close to clinching the number one seed, where they would be one of two total teams with a first-round bye. As for the NFC, the Green Bay Packers are attempting to do the same.

However, those types of advantages may not always matter. We saw a wild-card team in Tennessee make it to the AFC championship game last season after beating two of the top regular-season teams (Baltimore and KC).

With New Orleans falling into that second seed for right now, there are a couple of different scenarios for the Saints playoff matchups.

Potential Saints Playoff Matchups


With how the playoff seeding currently stands, the Arizona Cardinals are the most likely candidate as a potential Saints playoff matchup. While New Orleans now sits at 10-3 and owns the second seed in the NFC, they will play whoever sits at the seventh spot. That team is Arizona, a group with an electric offense and can score on just about anyone.

The Saints may be the most complete team in the NFC, with a good offense and great defense. However, they have struggled in the post-season in the last few years.

Arizona has maybe the best receiver in the NFL, Deandre Hopkins and they are a deep ball threat at all times. Luckily, the Saints’ secondary has been excellent this season and has an opportunity to contain Arizona’s wideouts.

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals could be a threat to an injury-riddled Saints team.


The Rams may be the biggest threat to New Orleans in terms of the potential Saints playoff matchups. They are another well-rounded team, with maybe the best player in the NFL in Aaron Donald. As the leader of their defense, Donald has registered nearly 13 sacks, which is second in the NFL.

On the offensive side, the Rams have a great receiver core in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. The two may finish with 1000 receiving yards and have the ability to break off a big play at any moment. For these Saints playoff matchups to happen, the Rams would need to lose another game, and Arizona wins out.


One of the other possible Saints playoff matchups would be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay has one of, if not, greatest players ever in Tom Brady. That right there is a threat among itself.

However, this Brady led squad has a combination of both offense and defense. They have maybe the best receiving group at one through three, with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown. Let us not forget Brady’s old friend in Gronkowski either, who is not as dominant as he once was but is still a threat.

On defense, the Buccaneers have three players with at least eight sacks on the season. Drew Brees and company will need to watch out for the pass rush if they want any chance at advancing. For this matchup to happen, Tampa will need to drop a game, and Arizona will need to win out.


The last of the four potential Saints playoff matchups would be the Chicago Bears, who currently have problems of their own. With Mitchell Trubisky now at quarterback, again, the Bears can run more bootleg plays on offense.

Their young running back in David Montgomery is nearing his first 1000 yard rushing season and maybe their best offensive player. Chicago also has a guy named Allen Robinson on the outside, who has already cracked 1,100 receiving yards on the season.

For their defense, everyone knows about Khalil Mack. While he is not having as good a season like 2018, he is still outstanding. for a Saints playoff matchups between Chicago to happen, the Bears would have to win out while Rams, Cardinals, and Bucs lose out.

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