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Six Possible Green Bay Packers Playoff Matchups

The New Orleans Saints’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last week has opened the door for Green Bay to control their destiny. The potential Packers playoff matchups now mostly lie within the second round. Not so fast, though, as Green Bay faces a tough Tennessee team this week and could easily end up back to being tied with the Saints come week 17.

If Green Bay is successful, however, in finishing off the season with another two wins; then they will be the one seed and have home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. For this article we will touch on both, giving Packer fans a more complete picture of where they currently stand.

Likely Divisional Round Packers Playoff Matchups

Los Angeles Rams

This one is likely only if the Rams are the wild-card team and fail to win the NFC West and can stay above the Buccaneers. Whoever gets the five seed will be looking at a likely trip to Green Bay come January, right after a victory over their NFC L(East) opponent. These two teams have met twice in the playoffs with each team winning once.

Seattle Seahawks

Same situation as the Rams, Seattle must fall down to the rankings to the five seed if they want to have a second-round matchup with a top-seeded Green Bay team. The numbers two and three seeds are guaranteed to play each other if they both advance, leaving the lowest remaining seed to face Green Bay. The Packers and Seahawks have not faced each other in 2020 but have met Four times in the playoffs with Green Bay winning three. That includes a 28-23 victory to knock Seattle out of the playoffs last season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Packers would love to get a chance to exact some revenge for the beatdown that Tampa gave them earlier this season. For this matchup to happen, Tampa must most likely have to go on the road and win a playoff game. That would set them up for a trip to Lambeau, as long as a lower remaining seed doesn"t sneak in as well. the Packers won the only postseason matchup between these two teams (1998).

Long Shots to Head to Green Bay

NFC East Winner

This one is bordering on the fence of a being likely and long shot, but it was put here because of the low likelihood of this team winning its first playoff game. If they do, however, manage to come away victorious, then this matchup can definitely happen as long as the other games are “chalk". As we all know, “chalk" usually means nothing in the NFL, so this will be an interesting one to keep an eye on. The Packers have only faced the Eagles this season, but that was the game they switched to Jalen Hurts mid-game. This leaves all four teams as more mysterious opponents to the Packers than most.

Arizona Cardinals

It would take the Cardinals getting on a little bit of a hot streak, but if Arizona can secure their playoff spot and knock off their wild-card opponent, they will likely be heading to Green Bay as they are going to be one of the lowest remaining seeds. Arizona and Green Bay have not met this season.

New Orleans Saints

This one is a huge long-shot, but if Green Bay or New Orleans have a slip up in these last few weeks, we could be seeing this as one of the two NFC divisional round matchups. These two teams will avoid each other until the conference championship game if they are both in the top three and at least one of them is the one seed. The Packers beat the Saints earlier this season 37-30, without Davante Adams, so they surely have some confidence if the matchup comes to fruition.

If They Don"t Get The One Seed

All of the Above

If Green Bay manages to drop down to the two or three seed, then all of these teams become available to be the Packers" first-round opponent. The NFC is so wide open right now in terms of seeding that Green Bay losing the top seed or even falling to third in the conference will cause major chaos. Obviously, the Packers are going to try and avoid this situation, but on the slight chance that they fall down a seed or two, they would likely want to at least avoid the Saints.

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