Three Possible Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Matchups

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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Saints last week in a win that almost solidifies their stature as the number one seed in the AFC. With a few possible Chiefs playoff opponents vying to play them, every KC fan should know about the teams their squad could play after Week 17.

With a 13-1 record, Kansas City currently occupies the first seed and can officially clinch it with a win this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. The Chiefs have undoubtedly been the best team in the league during the regular season and can carry their momentum into the playoffs.

With the new rules, only the first seed will get a bye. This means Kansas City can have an extra week to rest up and get healthy. However, they still have to prepare for the second round, where there are a few different Chiefs playoff matchups to look forward to.

Possible Chiefs Playoff Matchups


The most likely of the Chiefs playoff matchups would be Tennessee, who is currently the fourth seed. As the number one seed, Kansas City would play the game’s winner between the fourth and fifth seed. Those two teams are currently the Titans and the Browns.

The Titans are one of the best offensive teams in the NFL, with a great player at nearly every position. Everyone knows how great Derrick Henry is, who is currently closing in on 2000 yards rushing, but they also have other great offensive weapons.

While their offense is excellent, Tennessee has struggled on defense all year. Their inability to get off the field on third down has been historically poor, along with their awful pass rush. This should be one of the more interesting possible Chiefs playoff matchups to watch for.


The Cleveland Browns currently hold the fifth seed as a wild card team and they are red hot at the moment. This team has improved from the last few years, with a new head coach who is trending them in the right direction.

Of course, anytime a team loses a top player, they usually get worse. That did not apply for Cleveland after losing Odell Beckham Jr. for the rest of the season. They have gotten significantly better, and their quarterback Baker Mayfield looks excellent as well.

Along with their explosive offense, the Browns have a great defense as well. That side of the ball includes a player in talks as the Defensive Player of the Year in Myles Garrett. For Cleveland to play Kansas City, they would have to win over Tennessee in the first round as the fifth seed. This is also one of the exciting Chiefs playoff matchups that could happen in the second round.


One of the last potential Chiefs playoff matchups is the Indianapolis Colts, with their newly added quarterback in Philip Rivers. The Colts were one of four teams to beat Kansas City last season, in a game that was very odd overall.

The Colts have one of the best defenses in the league and a decent offense. Led by DeForest Buckner, their defense is a force to be reckoned with. They’re very good at stopping the run and an okay team at containing the pass. Luckily for Kansas City, the Chiefs are good at almost everything offensively. If these two teams met in the second round, I could see Kansas City making it to the next round to face off against another one of their possible playoff opponents.

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