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Quarterback Power Rankings: Week 15 Edition

As the playoffs approach, quarterback play becomes even more important. Wins are not the only thing that evaluators look at when determining the value of a passer. To give a little context to the performances of the QB’s in the league, we have decided to rank all 32 starting NFL quarterbacks, on a weekly basis.

Here is the 16th edition of the quarterback power rankings.

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No. 32: Sam Darnold, New York Jets (-1)

Darnold and the Jets won on Sunday, and Darnold had one of his best performances of the season. He completed 70 percent of his passes and had a 99.8 rating. However, he did nothing special, and the Jets should still look to move on in the offseason.

No. 31: C.J. Beathard, San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: Not Included)

Beathard will become the third quarterback to start for the 49ers this season. Beathard will be a low-ceiling option for Week 16 and Week 17.

No. 30: Gardner Minshew, Jacksonville Jaguars (-5)

While the surface stats look great, Minshew took several bad sacks (including a safety and a lost fumble). He padded his stats against soft Ravens coverage late in the game.

No. 29: Ryan Finley, Cincinnati Bengals: (Last Week: Not Included)

Finley did enough to beat the Steelers. He only threw 13 passes, but he had 89 yards and a touchdown on those passes. He was also helpful on the ground, gaining 47 yards and a touchdown.

No. 28: Alex Smith, Washington Football Team (+1)

After missing Week 15, Smith is likely to return to action against Carolina.

No. 27: Daniel Jones, New York Giants (+0)

Jones missed Week 15 with an injury, but he should return for New York"s Week 16 clash with Baltimore.

No. 26: Cam Newton, New England Patriots (+0)

Newton was nothing special against Miami. He could move the ball through the air and on the ground, but it was an average performance.

No. 25: Drew Lock, Denver Broncos (-1)

Lock came back to earth with a steady performance against the Bills. He seemed hesitant to move the ball, and he fumbled for the second straight week.

No. 24: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (-11)

Roethlisberger is in the midst of an awful stretch. Over the last five games, he has a turnover in all five, and he has not averaged even 6.0 yards per pass in any game. It came to a head with a two-turnover and 4.47-yards-per-pass performance against the Bengals.

No. 23: Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (+5)

Dalton has strung together two zero turnover games for Dallas, leading them to a pair of victories.

No. 22: Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins (+0)

Tagovailoa rushed for two touchdowns in Miami"s victory over the Patriots. He did not have a terrific passing day, but he did just enough.

No. 21: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (-1)

Ryan and the Falcons imploded in the second half, but Ryan had a strong statistical performance. He fired three touchdowns and 356 yards. He had his best passing rating since Week 9.

No. 20: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1)

Brady led the Bucs on a gritty comeback, launching 45 passes for 390 yards. It was his fifth game in a row with multiple touchdowns. His 32 touchdowns are his most since his 2017 MVP season.

No. 19: Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers (-2)

Bridgewater added his fifth rushing touchdown of the season. He had a mediocre performance in Green Bay, but he could not lead the Panthers to the victory. He has not won a start since Week 5.

No. 18: Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (+5)

Hurts had a gaudy statistical performance with 401 total yards and four touchdowns. The Eagles came up short on the final drive, but Hurts has already shown more than Carson Wentz had through 12 games.

No. 17: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams (+1)

Goff was not the issue on Sunday, but he lacked that “it factor" to drive the Rams to a victory over the hapless and winless Jets. Goff severely ruins the upside of Los Angeles.

No. 16: Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears (+3)

Trubisky has been a new man in the last few weeks. Since returning to his starting role, he has a passer rating of 99.7. There are flaws, and much of his production is schemed, but the Bears are winning games with him at the helm.

No. 15: Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts (+0)

Rivers is on a three-game streak of games with two passing touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 118-plus passer rating. Rivers and the Colts offense are rolling.

No. 14: Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (+2)

Herbert tied the rookie record for passing touchdowns in a season before walking off Thursday Night Football with a rushing touchdown. He should break the record against the Broncos.

No. 13: Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders (-1)

Carr injured his groin on Thursday Night Football, but he should be able to return to Saturday Night Football against the Dolphins. He only threw five passes on TNF.

No. 12: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (+2)

Murray was named to the 2020 Pro Bowl. He had a stellar game against the Eagles, totaling 435 yards and four touchdowns. He had two turnovers, but the Cardinals won.

No. 11: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (-6)

Brees only completed 15 of 34 passes, but he should be back in the top 10 as he knocks the rust off. Minnesota and Carolina"s secondaries offer Brees a chance to get right before the playoffs.

No. 10: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (+1)

Since returning from COVID, Jackson has 10 touchdowns to two interceptions, a passer rating of 120.6 and three victories. The Ravens are playing some of their best football just in time for must-win games in Week 16 and Week 17.

No. 9: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (+0)

Stafford has three straight games with a passer rating over 100. The Lions were slapped by the Titans, but Stafford had another strong performance.

No. 8: Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (+0)

Cousins continued his insane streak of games with a 90-plus passer rating. The Vikings have been nearly eliminated from playoff contention, but Cousins has been one of the more reliable quarterbacks in the NFL in 2020.

No. 7: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (+3)

Mayfield was sensational against the Giants. He only had five incompletions across 32 attempts, and he had his ninth game with multiple passing touchdowns.

No. 6: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (+0)

Wilson is up to a robust 37 touchdowns on the season, a career high. He will need to clean his career-high interception rate for the Seahawks to be a true Super Bowl threat. Wilson was named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster.

No. 5: Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (+2)

Tannehill"s stats were circulating social media, but zooming in, he has been stellar in 2020. He has already set his career high for passing touchdowns, and he has another season with a passer rating above 110.

No. 4: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans (+0)

Watson made all the right plays against the Colts for the second time in three weeks. Last time, a bad snap undermined Houston. This time, a wide receiver fumble at the goal line ended Houston"s upset bid. Watson was named to the AFC Pro Bowl roster.

No. 3: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (+0)

Allen had yet another absurd statistical output with 359 passing yards and four total touchdowns. The Bills decimated the Broncos on Saturday Night Football, and Allen has parlayed his performance into MVP considerations. Allen was named to the AFC Pro Bowl roster.

No. 2: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (+0)

Mahomes flashed his roller coaster ability with several throw of the year candidates as well a few questionable throws. Regardless, the Chiefs controlled most of the game, and Mahomes is up to 36 passing touchdowns on the season. He is on pace for just under 5,100 passing yards, but the Chiefs could lock up the AFC"s top seed on Sunday. Mahomes was named to his third straight AFC Pro Bowl roster.

No. 1: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (+0)

The Packers are in control of the top seed in the NFC, and Rodgers is in control of the MVP discussion. He did not have a special game against the Panthers, but the Packers won. Rodgers was named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster.

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