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Three Possible Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playoff Matchups

Tampa Bay currently sits 2nd in the NFC South, as the Saints clinched the division by beating the Vikings on Christmas Day. Since this reduces the teams they could face, we look at the three remaining possible Buccaneers playoff matchups.

Washington Football Team

The most probable matchup for Tampa is Washington. WFT are the leaders in the NFC East, and could clinch the division with a win vs Carolina. Philadelphia would need to beat Dallas, and the Giants would need to lose to the Ravens.

This would solidify their 4th seed, and because Tampa would sit in the 5th spot with a win against Detroit, that would be the matchup. The same holds true for any of the teams in the NFC East, as none of them have been eliminated as of yet.

Seattle Seahawks

The next team on the Buccaneers playoff matchups list is the Seahawks. Tampa closes out the season against the Falcons, after clinching their first postseason berth in 13 years, but a loss against Atlanta could put them as the 6th seed.

That is where they sit currently, but that will be settled when the NFC West gets decided.

The Seahawks play the Rams, and so far, Los Angeles has the tiebreaker, having won their first matchup.

Los Angeles Rams

Since the Saints locked up the South on Friday, the Bucs will face a division winner in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

If the Rams win on Sunday, they will take the lead in the West, and be the 3rd seed. If the Bucs drop the Week 17 matchup vs. the Falcons, they will drop to the 6th seed, which would put them against the NFC West winner.

By clinching on Saturday, and the Cardinals losing to the 49ers, the possible Buccaneers playoff matchups just come from 2 divisions. Whoever wins the NFC East is the most likely opponent for Tampa Bay in the Wild Card round, with a slight chance of it being the NFC West winner.

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