3 Possible Miami Dolphins Playoff Matchups

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With their Saturday win over the Raiders, there are now a few possible Dolphins playoff matchups to watch for. Currently slated as the fifth-seed, Miami could play three different teams if they were to stay in that position. With the Dolphins positioned to make the postseason, there needs to be a conversation about Brian Flores for coach of the year, but that is a different article for a different day. Now, Dolphins fans should be as stressed as ever. With a win next week, they are in the playoffs. If Miami does make the postseason, they will play one of these three teams.

Potential Dolphins Playoff Matchups

AFC South Winner

The Titans are currently ranked at the fourth seed but could move up to the third seed with a Bills loss on Monday night and a Tennessee win on Sunday night. The Dolphins could finish as the fifth, sixth, or seventh seed, which means they could play the second, third, or fourth seed. With an Indianapolis loss on Sunday to Pittsburg, the Titans will stay as the fourth seed even with a loss to the Packers on Sunday night.

A far as how a matchup with Tennessee would go, this one could work in Miami’s favor. With a terrible secondary, Tennessee gives up crucial plays to receivers. This means Davonte Parker could have himself a day in this game unless he is matched up with corner Malcolm Butler, who has been a bright spot for Tennessee.

If the Colts win, expect it to be a defensive battle where each team tries to control the line of scrimmage and more importantly, the clock. The two teams have not met in 2020 but played a defensive battle towards the middle of 2019. That game saw Miami beat Indianapolis 16-12.

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Buffalo Bills

The Bills are another team on the list of the possible Dolphins playoff matchups. This team plays on Monday night against the Patriots, and if they win, they will be slotted as the second seed. If the Bills do not win, they could stay at the third seed or even move down to the fourth seed with a Tennessee win on Sunday Night.

Buffalo is another team with a great offense, led by Josh Allen, a quarterback who is currently making his way to the top five list. He can run and throw the ball deep, making his ability to extend plays an excellent skill. They also have Stefon Diggs, who is currently third in receiving yards with 1,314 prior to their Monday night game.

On Defense, Buffalo loves to blitz, which is something that Miami has dealt with throughout this season. The Dolphins starting quarterback- whomever it may be- has struggled with being pressured. This is a matchup that Miami can win, but it will be a challenging game for sure. In this one, Miami will face one of the toughest teams out of the possible Dolphins playoff matchups.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are the last of the three possible Dolphins playoff matchups. Pittsburgh has had a bizarre season and is currently the second seed after being the first seed for 11 straight weeks. However, with a Buffalo win on Monday night, the Steelers could potentially move to the third seed due to their loss to the Bills several weeks ago.

The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league, especially on their front line. T.J. Watt leads the league in sacks and has been showing out this year for the Steelers. They also have an excellent defensive back group, with players like Fitzpatrick and Haden playing tight coverage every game. Miami will have a tough time moving the ball on this defense.

However, the Dolphins also have a stout defense of their own. The way the Steelers have looked the last few weeks is indicative of how good their offense actually is. They have one of the best-receiving groups, with players like Smith-Schuster, Claypool, and Johnson who all can make a big play at any moment.

Any of these three will be a challenging game for Miami, but they can submit their status as a future contender with a win in one of these potential Dolphins playoff matchups.

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