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2 Possible NFC East Playoff Matchups

We head into Week 17 with every team except Philadelphia having a chance to be the NFC East division champ. The list of teams that the division winner may do battle with come playoff time has narrowed down to two; so, let’s take a look at the possible NFC East playoff matchups.

Likely NFC East Playoff Matchups

Los Angeles Rams

The only way an NFC East team is eligible for the playoffs is by winning the division. Because of this, they will not face not divisional champion. Due to their terrible record, the winner of this division is also guaranteed to face the five seed. That would be Los Angeles if they win and Tampa‘ loses. The division as a whole is probably hoping that doesn"t happen, considering the Rams beat every NFC east team already this season. Los Angeles is stumbling, however, as injuries and poor play have led to the team still not clinch a playoff spot. Considering LA"s recent play, most assume this to be the least likely of the possible NFC East playoff matchups.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the most likely of the two possible NFC East playoff matchups. All Tampa Bay needs to do is win this week against Atlanta, and they will be assured of a trip to one of the NFC East cities. The Giants were the only team to face the Buccaneers this season, narrowly coming away with a 25-23 home loss.

NFC East Division Winning Scenarios

The NFC East has its own list of scenarios for the playoffs, as no one has yet clinched their spot. The Washington vs Philadelphia game has been flexed into Sunday Night Football because it has the deciding factor.

Dallas plays New York, with the winner still alive. If Philadelphia can beat Washington, then the winner of the previous game will take the division. Washington controls their own destiny, meaning all they have to do is win and they are in.

“The Football Team" just released their former 1st-round QB, Dwayne Haskins, and we could see Taylor Heinicke start under center if Alex Smith isn"t able to go.

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