Bright Future for Bobby Dalbec in Boston in 2021

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Despite struggling over the past two seasons, there seems to be a bright future for Bobby Dalbec in Boston. He was one of the bright spots in Boston last year now that the team is clearly going through a rebuild. When Mitch Moreland was traded to the Padres, the young prospect Dalbec got himself noticed by producing both offensively and at the first base position, the team knows that he is in their future plans, but how soon will we see him?

Bright Future for Bobby Dalbec: The Numbers

In the shortened season, Dalbec hit .263/.359/.600. He also added eight homers in 23 games played which was certainly enough to make him noticed in Boston. He obviously isn’t the perfect player yet, but with the moves this team has made in the offseason, they need all the offense they can get. Moreland was a very popular Red Sox player, and in a city like Boston it may be difficult for some players to become fan favorites, but this young man seems to have that in his future.

When the Red sox were on top of the league just over two years ago, they were filled with stars in the hitting line up and the pitching rotation. They’ve gotten rid of all heavy contracts on the pitching end and the offensive depth chart looks a lot younger and different to say the least.

Ever since letting go of Price and Betts, the Red Sox have been turing to their farm system and young prospects more than they ever have in the past. They should be continuing to rebuild this year as well, however expect a big improvement from this team both talent and record wise.

The #3 prospect still has plenty of work to do in the future despite his slugging ability at the plate, like a a lot of hitters in the big league, he strikes out pretty frequently at a 42.4 % rate.

At such a young age and so much baseball left to be played for this young man, that seems to be a fixable issue. He has been receiving Kris Bryant comparisons ever since coming out of the draft, which is certainly something difficult to live up to, but he seems to have that confidence in him to help him become a successful player in the Red Sox organization.

Bright Future for Bobby Dalbec: The Pressure

This prospect seems to be the most comfortable at the third base position, but he will be viewed as and expected to be Moreland’s replacement at the first base position. With Alex Cora back at the head coaching spot, he will certainly use his eye for talent to help improve Bobby as much as he can, even for a spot in the everyday lineup.

Most people know, especially baseball fans, that Boston is not an easy city to play in for various amounts of reason. The pressure that the fans and the media put on the players has a lot to do with the success of both the team and the players on it.

When you watch highlights of him, he has that natural swing of a typical home run hitter, you can see a lot of balls going over the Green Monster in his future. In the minor leagues, he hit 59 homers over two seasons which is extremely impressive. At one point this past season, he homered in five consecutive games.

In the first 10 games he was called up for, he had six homers, so that shouldn’t be an issue for him. There are still some question about his defensive play, especially if he has to make the switch from third to first base, in MLB, that is a big ask for some players.

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