The Warriors Exercise Jordan Poole’s Third-Year Option

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On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors decided to exercise Guard Jordan Poole’s third-year option. Jordan Poole consistently put in the hard work this offseason and greatness will come. Change doesn’t happen overnight so he worked hard to stay on with the Warriors. Was the decision worth it?

Jordan Poole’s Third-year Option Came as a Surprise

The deadline for exercising options came and went. The Warriors organization felt that Poole worked hard enough in the extended offseason that he would be worth keeping. He does, however, still has a few problems in real game situations.

Jordan Poole still has a lot of improving to do. He is simply not a knockdown shooter like they want him to be. He misses an alarmingly high number of open three-point shots.

Jordan Poole wasn’t adequate to play at the NBA level in his rookie season. Could this be stubbornness on the Warriors’ part due to Poole being a first-round pick? He could have easily been back next season on a minimum contract if they wanted to keep him.

Jordan Poole’s Third-year Option came with Solid Statistics

Even though Jordan Poole misses a lot of shots, he still has put up solid stats in the first four games of the 2020-2021 season. In four games, he’s averaging 6.3 PPG, 1.5 RPG, and 1 APG in an average of 15 MPG.

There is still room for improvement. Head Coach Steve Kerr needs to play Poole to his strengths. Instead of playing him as a shooting guard, put him at the point guard position. With his decent dribbling skills, he should learn to penetrate defenses effectively. This will allow Stephen Curry to get open off-ball and get his shot back.

Jordan Poole’s Third-year Option came Due to Improvements in the Offseason

Jordan Poole is only 21 years of age. This season, he already looks less lost on an NBA court. He might not become an average quality starter but the optimism has truly sparked conversations. He wasn’t great at all at the end of last season, but he has worked hard on his game and it shows. As long as Poole keeps playing well, the Warriors can see him being a quality 15 PPG bench option by the end of the next season. That will benefit the Golden State Warriors well and, in turn, Jordan Poole’s third-year option will also serve the Warriors well.

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