The All-Time White Sox Team From 1970 Through 2020

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White Sox team members have come and gone over the years. The Chicago White Sox have been playing Major League baseball since 1903. So, how can one begin to come up with an all-time White Sox team? Perhaps it is foolhardy to even consider such a burdensome task.

While, for White Sox fans, the idea of an all-time White Sox team might just be appealing, many fans will not recognize some of the players, despite this, we decided to go back just to 1970. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. So, our all-time team will consist of players who played in 1970 and later. Let’s call it the all-time White Sox team from the last half-century.

Half-Century White Sox Team: Breaking It Down

Putting together an all-time White Sox team for a 50-year stretch should be interesting. There are so many things that must be taken into consideration. No matter who gets picked, fans will have differing opinions. Yet, debating baseball is one of the best things about being a baseball fan.

First, we will need to lay out some guidelines. We have to decide how many players to put on the team, as well as the number of pitchers vs. position players, etc. While this is debatable, some choices have to be made.

The breakdown will be as follows: 18 position players, eight starting pitchers, and two relievers. Yes, this is totally arbitrary, but hang in there, there are bigger debates to follow. We are just getting the ball rolling here.

Half-Century White Sox Team: Position Players

First off, the goal was to have a team two-deep at each position. This includes the designated hitter, which came into play in 1973. Let’s go by position, and keep an open mind, remember that this is all subjective, actual results may vary.

First Base: Paul Konerko, Dick Allen (Honorable mention – Jose Abreu)

Second Base: Ray Durham, Tadahito Iguchi (Honorable mention – Jorge Orta)

Third Base: Joe Crede, Robin Ventura (Honorable mention – Bill Melton)

Shortstop: Ozzie Guillen, Alexei Ramirez (Honorable mention – Juan Uribe)

Catcher: Carlton Fisk, A.J. Pierczynski (Honorable mention – Ron Karkovice)

Designated Hitter: Frank Thomas, Harold Baines (Honorable mention – Greg Luzinski)

Okay those were the easy ones: Now, for the fun part, let the debate begin:

Outfield: Chet Lemon, Aaron Rowand, Tim Raines, Carlos Lee, Jermaine Dye, Magglio Ordonez. (Honorable mention – Lance Johnson, Avisail Garcia, Ron Kittle)

Half-Century White Sox Team: The Pitchers

Starters: Mark Buehrle, Jose Contreras, LaMarr Hoyt, Jack McDowell, Alex Fernandez,

Chris Sale, Wilbur Wood, Jon Garland (Honorable mention – Rich Dotson, Freddy Garcia)

Closers: Bobby Jenks, Bobby Thigpen (Honorable mention – Roberto Hernandez)

Half-Century White Sox Team: The Lineup

Now, with one game to win, we need a starting lineup. This could be tough, although whatever lineup we use, the Sox will have a deep bench. So, in a winner-take-all game, here would be a winning lineup:

Tim Raines, Left Field

Carlton Fisk, Catcher

Frank Thomas, First Base

Harold Baines, Designated Hitter

Magglio Ordonez, Right Field

Robin Ventura, Third Base

Aaron Rowand, Center Field

Ray Durham, Second Base

Ozzie Guillen, Shortstop

Mark Buehrle, Starting Pitcher

This lineup has everything a fan could want. It features three lefties, two switch-hitters, and a balance of speed and power. It also features four Hall of Famers at the top of the order. Picking Buehrle over Sale was tough but both were some dominant left-handers for the Sox. You may disagree, but we like Buehrle on the mound.

Half-Century White Sox Team: The Wrap

Any way you cut it, the White Sox have had their share of talent over the last 50 years. This Half-Century White Sox team is just one way to collect that talent. The starting lineup could be different and still be a potent lineup. There are many ways to put this team together.

What better way to start 2021, with warm memories of the last 50 years of Chicago White Sox baseball? Even if you disagree with some of the selections, you have to admit that reminiscing about them has been fun. Here’s hoping that the 2020 playoff team is just the beginning of a brand new era of White Sox baseball.

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