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DJ LeMahieu Changing Teams Might Be Inevitable

The market for DJ LeMahieu is picking up, and the New York Yankees seem to be hesitant to bring him back. DJ LeMahieu changing teams has been thrown around a lot lately. His asking price might just be out of the Yankees’ range, and for good reason. Both parties understand DJ’s inability to replicate his elite production outside of Yankee Stadium, so they’re trying to bargain his price. That being said, sources on Twitter are talking about the Mets, Blue Jays, and more recently the Dodgers being in play for the star second baseman. If Lemahieu doesn’t sign soon, it’s a very real possibility that Cashman pivots to sign or trade for someone to play shortstop or second base.

What Are the New York Yankees Without DJ LeMahieu?

This question is asked a lot by Yankees fans, and rightfully so. He"s been the rock at the top of the lineup, and someone that"s beloved by the fans. That being said, the Yankees are still World Series contenders without him. In 2018, with an infield consisting of Miguel Andujar, Didi Gregorius, Gleyber Torres, and Greg Bird/Luke Voit, they managed to win 100 games. They will upgrade at shortstop in the scenario that you lose DJ LeMahieu. The New York Yankees right now are still third in projected WAR for 2021 according to Fangraphs, despite no DJ LeMahieu and no acquisitions for their rotation, meaning their roster is still amazing right now, even with the possibility of DJ LeMahieu changing teams.

DJ LeMahieu Changing Teams Won"t End the Yankees

In the free-agent market shortstops, Andrelton Simmons and Marcus Semien are great options. They could go ahead and maybe sign Kolten Wong to play second base as well, as not only does he play great defense, but he"s also a left-hander for the lineup. Those three are all top 10 at their positions and they can be amazing fits for the Bronx Bombers. The money saved with DJ Lemahieu changing teams could then be used to extend a player you"ve traded for or on the bullpen. It"s a way to open up the payroll and there"s definitely a legitimate argument for the path of picking up a stopgap shortstop.

What Are the Odds DJ LeMahieu Stays?

I would say the New York Yankees are still the favorite to sign Lemahieu, and I wouldn"t be surprised if he signs at approximately $20 million AAV for four seasons. The Yankees are fixed on their price and Lemahieu wants to stay. The process is taking a very long time for a reason, as they"re making a $20 million commitment to a 32-year-old second baseman when they have defensive holes at shortstop. It"s not the Yankees being cheap, rather they are deciding whether this is money worth spending on Lemahieu or on other parts of the team. There"s a very good argument to be made that DJ LeMahieu changing teams could be best for the Yankees.

DJ Lemahieu Changing Teams: Keeping The Notifications On

The DJ Lemahieu signing is the catalyst of the offseason because if he"s not a Yankee, then one of expect Simmons, Semien, Wong, Lindor, and Story to be on the Yankees in the coming weeks after. If DJ Lemahieu signs with the Yankees, then all of those players are now free agents or trade targets that teams such as the Mets, Dodgers, Blue Jays, or any team in need of a middle infielder could be picking up. He"s an important name to keep tabs on even if you"re not a fan of the New York Yankees because if DJ LeMahieu changes teams, the offseason is going to speed up.

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