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Justin Fields vs Trevor Lawrence: Which one will have more success?

It’s December 28, 2019, a time where a pandemic did not affect today’s world. Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence are facing off in a game that will be forever remembered. Ohio State Football and Clemson Tiger Football are playing in a game that would come down to the wire, in part one of a two-part rivalry.

Of course, we know the ending of that game. Justin Fields throws an interception with 30 seconds left, allowing Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson Tiger football program an opportunity to win the national championship in 2019.

Now, the two are set up for a rematch in the 2020 Allstate Sugar Bowl, where the winner will play Alabama in the season’s final game. Ohio State Football is currently undefeated on the season but has only played six full games. Meanwhile, Clemson is looking like a top-two team, even with a loss on their record, in a game played without star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. These two quarterbacks are set up to be high picks in the upcoming NFL draft and can potentially be franchise-changing players. With their upcoming matchup against each other, where will these two be when the NFL’s next season comes around and will have more success.

Justin Fields vs. Trevor Lawrence in the NFL

Trevor Lawrence

The star Clemson quarterback is the highest commodity in the near NFL draft, where the team with the first pick will likely select him. That team is the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are no longer in love with their rookie quarterback’s marriage from last season in Gardner Minshew.

If the Jaguars were to select Lawrence, which they likely will, they would be getting a guy who can do it all. However, the Jaguars are not the best pairing for the young quarterback, as Lawrence will be set up to fail early in his career. Jacksonville is not a large market by any means and could even be moving to London. Therefore, it may be challenging to get other stars to play with him through free agency.

When looking at the current roster, Jacksonville does not have the best pieces on the offensive side. Their collection of receivers is not the most talented, and the offensive line could use some work, however, they did find a gem in undrafted rookie running back James Robinson, who could be a part of a dynamic duo with Lawrence.

Since the Jaguars will be bad in the first year or so with Lawrence, it will allow them to draft higher in the future. Therefore, giving them the ability to build the team allow Trevor Lawrence.

Justin Fields

Justin Fields is projected to be a top-10 pick in the upcoming draft. The teams that may be looking into the star from Ohio State are better set up for success earlier than Jacksonville. Groups like the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Denver Broncos are franchises that could be good teams with the right guy. These organizations have better pieces around them than Jacksonville does, especially when looking at a team like Atlanta.

If Justin Fields could have the offense that Matt Ryan has, he would be better set up for success than Lawrence. Imagine a young quarterback like fields throwing to Calvin Ridley, Hayden Hurst, and one of the best receivers ever in Julio Jones. Let’s not forget Todd Gurley, who was one of the league’s best backs just a few years ago.

Their coaching situation is currently a little rocky, but so are the Jaguars. The only thing to be worried about for Fields is Atlanta’s offensive line, which allowed Ryan to be sacked 40 times this year. Justin Fields is much more mobile than Ryan, however, and will give them the ability to start from scratch.

Justin Fields may not be the better player, but he is easily set up for more success earlier in their careers. No matter the outcome, it is safe to say these two will be exciting to watch and can be the future of the NFL.

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