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Hunger Pains: The Bobby Green Story

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Bobby Green isn’t a household name. He’s never been a UFC champion or even came close so far. Yet, he’s still loved by many in the MMA community. At 34, he’s still got a lot of life left to live too; both inside and outside the octagon. Coming from absolutely nothing, he has forged his own path to greatness. Leaving me with a question, for a man that has already conquered so much, what will he accomplish before he retires? Today folks, I take you on a journey. This is The Bobby Green Story.

The Early Years of Bobby Green

Before he was the Lightweight and Light Welterweight champion of King Of The Cage, he was just Bobby Ray Green. The man described his first memory as being 4 years old, walking from city to city with his mother and siblings. He explained how he remembered his mom would pick avocados from the orchards to feed them in his hometown of San Bernardino, California.

“I remember being so hungry, I would shove dirt in my mouth… Just to eat and slow the hunger pains. My mom realized she couldn’t keep us… she had a bad drug problem at the time, so she gave us a way to foster care. From there, I got into the system… and my grandmother got me.” (Source)

Bobby goes on to explain how his grandmother was his support system. Saying she was like a mother and a father to him. His actual dad was in prison, and Bobby Green never met him until the age of 12. For Bobby, the path to success was only getting harder, and more tragic, however. As when he was 14, his grandmother died.

“She showed us some great love, and some great things… That’s why I say no sir, yes sir, I got that from my grandmother… she made sure those things were instilled in me.”

Continuing the interview with Michael Bisping, Bobby Green explained how after his grandmother’s death he “went crazy,” but “kept on with the wrestling,” he said he wanted to show his grandmother he could “still go on,” and thus, he continued his path to success. Green remained in foster care and explained how someone on the wrestling team took him in.

By his junior year, Bobby Green was placing 5th in the state tournament. Claiming that he had wrestled the guy who won and became the state champ and that he had only lost to him by one point. Bobby went on to take 3rd place the following year doing pretty good for a guy who went on to say:

”To be honest… I did wrestling because it fed me. My coach would take us out to eat to jack-in-the-box and stuff… I had jack-in-the-box for the first time at 14. I never got those things as a kid, we were broke. To me, it (the food) was like a treasure.”

Bobby explained how he went through a lot of troubles after his grandmother’s death, but sports kept him “somewhat focused.” I wonder what he would say to his former self, to the kid that came from nothing but was destined for success.

MMA Career

Debuting in 2008, Green quickly surged to an 8-1 record. Garnering some notoriety on the MMA scene, he drew the attention of the fabled Affliction Entertainment, fighting on their second (and last card) “Day Of Reckoning.” In what Sherdog called “the dirtiest fight of all time,” Green was docked two points in the first round, before being submitted by his opponent Dan Lauzon.

Following that loss, Bobby Green began his extremely successful run with the promotion King Of the Cage. In 2010, he became a champion. Defeating Ricky Legere via first-round TKO, he solidified himself as the champion of the Light Welterweight Division. He defended the title once, before losing it to Tim Means. In April of that year, he would win another championship. This time, in the lightweight division via a unanimous decision over Dom O’grady.

In 2011, it was announced that Green had signed with Strikeforce for a four-fight deal. In classic Bobby Green fashion, he lost but bounced back big time. Destroying any barriers that adversity placed in his way. He went on to win his next four fights with the promotion, and when Strikeforce was absorbed by the UFC, his winning ways didn’t stop. Winning four more fights, with victories over names such as James Krause and Josh Thompson. Sadly, adversity was a never-ending foe for Bobby.

Putting his 8 fight win streak to bed, Edson Barboza defeated Green by decision. Next, a knockout from Dustin Poirier. Then, a split decision that could’ve gone either way with Rashid Magomedov. Later, came the storied fight with Lando Vannata. Who dropped Green in the first, and seemingly awoke the fire that laid dormant inside. As Bobby Green would come back finishing the last two rounds of the fight strong.

Winning Fight of the Night for that war, the bout was declared a draw due to Vannata being deducted a point due to an illegal knee. Next came a win, and then two losses for Bobby. In classic fashion, he bounced back though. Of course, he did, you guys should know by now that that’s what he does.

Starting 2020 off with a win over Clay Guida via decision, Bobby would rematch Lando Vannata and beat him too, also by decision. Next, came Alan Patrick. Another name on Green’s resume, he beat him as well by decision. This leads us to his most recent fight, a loss to Thiago Moisés via decision. One thing about Bobby Green, his fights seem to go the distance very often.

Anyway, besides pointing out the obvious, I have one more skill. I think I can predict the future with this guy. I foresee Bobby Green maybe losing one more fight, before he bounces back again. As he always does. History repeats itself, and it’s almost like this loss to Moisés is a good thing; setting up a big bounce back for 2021.

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