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Eagles DC Jim Schwartz Will Not Return in 2021; Doug Pederson in Limbo

Leading up to the Week 17 matchup vs Washington, it was announced that Eagles DC Jim Schwartz will not return to the Eagles in 2021. Schwartz started his career with Philadelphia in 2015, the same time as Doug Pederson, after spending a year as the DC in Buffalo. The long-time HC in Detroit is reportedly looking to take the year off, to determine if he still wants to be an NFL coach.

How We Got Here

Eagles DC Jim Schwartz helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl in 2017, but since then, turnover at certain positions, and an inability to replace big names like LB Jordan Hicks has led to a steep decline in production.

In what may have been a last-ditch effort to show Doug Pederson that he wanted to save his job in Philly, Schwartz and the Eagles brought in CB Darius Slay from the Lions team that he used to coach.

It helped, but it wasn"t enough.

Eagles DC Jim Schwartz Did Not Produce

The defense has been in the bottom half of the league over the last three years since the SB win in both the run and the pass. While there is no question the defensive line is among the best, linebacker and the secondary are underwhelming.

Whether it"s players or the scheme is up for debate. Players have changed over the years, but the results have been the same.

Eagles DC Jim Schwartz will draw attention if he decides to return to the NFL. Overall he"s a good coach, players, and front office executives like him. If this was recommended by the Eagles brass or not, it"s time for a change.

Shortly after the news broke that Schwartz will not return, HC Doug Pederson announced that he will be.

The Doug Pederson Situation

That might be wishful thinking on the part of Doug Pederson, as it was also released that win or lose on Sunday night vs Washington, he will meet with ownership on Tuesday.

In that report, it says that if Pederson does return, there will be a purge of the staff. Offensively the Eagles have been well under the bar in almost every category. Miles Sanders is the highlight, as he sits 2nd in the NFL in YPC.

The Eagles need to clean house. If they do keep Pederson, everyone (minus a few positional coaches) else should be replaced.

Look for the possibility of a return by former QB coach John DeFilippo, and names like Matt Patricia to be on the list of guys to be added to the staff.

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