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Carson Wentz Trade Request: Can the Eagles Make it Happen?

2021 has begun with a Carson Wentz trade request. After the veteran QB was a healthy scratch from the 2020 season finale against the Washington Football Team, Wentz will reportedly request a trade, citing the relationship between him and head coach Doug Pederson is beyond repair.

Wentz has had his worst season to date this year, but to put that solely on his shoulders would be a mistake.

Offensive Issues In Philadelphia

The Eagles lost maybe their two biggest pieces on the offensive line before the year even started. LT Andre Dillard missed the whole year with a biceps injury, and G Brandon Brooks tore his Achilles.

The rest of the OL has also had intermittent injuries throughout the year, with RT Lane Johnson missing time, and a revolving door at LT.

The only constant was C Jason Kelce, who has also had issues with bad snaps this year, putting the Eagles in bad situations at key moments.

It looks like the coaches never attempted to adjust to these issues with Wentz under center. There are multiple ways to hide a poor/porous line. One is moving the pocket and another is quicker throws, the Eagles did neither.

Instead, play-action, and seven-step drops continued to be the calls, and when the QB lacks the time to see an open receiver, mistakes, bad throws, and sacks happen.

Throughout the year Wentz did regress. He went away from fundamentals, not stepping into throws, making bad decisions with the football, and leading to turnovers.

But there is another issue to a Carson Wentz trade. His contract.

Is a Carson Wentz Trade Even Possible for the Eagles?

Wentz will have a cap hit of $34 million, whether he is on the Eagles roster or not. By Day three of the 2021 league-year, which is in March, his 2021 salary becomes guaranteed, and his bonus gets paid out. So if there is to be a Carson Wentz trade, it has to happen soon.

No team is as invested in a player as the Eagles are in Carson Wentz. They traded two 1st-round picks for him, and have over $150 million left on his deal.

The report cites the relationship between Wentz and HC Doug Pederson as being fractured beyond repair. The handling of Wentz, and the adjustment to the offense for his replacement, Jalen Hurts, were apparently factors in the rift. After hearing this, no one should be surprised to hear the Carson Wentz trade request. Adjusting to one QB but not the other is a classic sign of passing the torch.

We saw read-pass options, a dedication to the run, and the moving of Hurts around when the 2020 second-round pick became the starter. All of those could have helped Wentz but were never installed.

Pederson is scheduled to meet with owner Jeffery Lurie on Tuesday, after which we should know his status and that of the coaching staff. There is a belief that a coaching purge will happen, even if Pederson is retained.

Will this be enough for a Carson Wentz trade?

If indeed Wentz will request a trade, who would be likely suitors? Indianapolis is a likely destination, considering HC Frank Reich was the offensive coordinator during the Super Bowl run, but Philip Rivers is still playing at a high level and may want to come back.

Will anyone invest the money it will take to bring him in. It is unlikely that anything less than a combo of 1st and 2nd round picks will pry the QB from the Eagles" claws.

Is this even a possibility? That"s the question that needs to be asked.

Thanks for reading my article on the Carson Wentz trade request from the Eagles.

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