Open Letter to Canadian Hockey Fans. Part 2

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Dear Canadian Hockey Fans,

A few days ago, I wrote a post regarding the World Juniors and the reaction towards some of the blowouts that have followed from a few people like Ken Campbell, who suggested ways that the smaller hockey nations didn’t belong. The letter reached far more people than I ever expected it to do, and while most of the feedback was positive, there were a few major questions or misconceptions that I would like to clear up in a short follow up letter.

Most Canadian Hockey Fans Are The Best

The first and most common misconception I saw was that the letter was directed directly towards every single Canadian hockey fan that I was attacking all over the actions of the few loud and frankly insane people on Twitter. A lot said that they had never heard a Canadian hockey fan ever say that, and that makes me happy to hear.

This for me is something I would like to apologize for. I wasn’t clear enough that this by no means was minded as an attack towards all Canadian hockey fans. I should have been clearer in making sure that everyone knew that it was only meant towards the very small minority of people who wanted to see a change to the format. Had I spent two lines on that, I think a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings could have been avoided and it’s something I should have been more aware of.

Another area where things seemed a bit unclear was the title. Using Canadian Hockey Fans, I made the suggestion that I thought all was the same, and as mentioned above, I wish I had spent a bit more effort on clearing that up more early on in the text. However, the title was made in order to get attention towards my voice and I couldn’t find one clearer that would have had the same effect. Using “Open Letter To 0.5% of Canadians” isn’t exactly the greatest idea to grab people’s attention.

The Intention Of The letter:

One of the other things people misunderstood was my intentions with the letter. A few (a very select few) sadly, saw it as an attack towards the big nations and a way to victimize the small nations which couldn’t be further from what I wanted.

What my letter wanted to achieve was only to offer a different perspective to the debate about the World Junior format to the ones from Ken Campbell. I wanted to showcase what it can be like as a European hockey fan and how much it means to be apart of it. To show that participating helps hockey grow in the smaller nations.

My opinion, by the way, is far from the final, and people can absolutely disagree with it. My idea was never to say mine is the only way, but I wanted to highlight what I think is right and from there hopefully start a debate on how to best move hockey forward as a global sport.

Making A Narrative

The last main misunderstanding that I saw in a few of the comments was that I was trying to create a narrative that simply doesn’t exist for the sake of clicks. As mentioned before, most of the people I saw in the comments said they hadn’t heard from a Canadian hockey fan that teams like Denmark, Austria, and Germany belonged in the Juniors, so they were not able to see where the narrative came from.

Well, in short, it came from Twitter, something I have rightly been told isn’t an accurate group to base an argument on.  It absolutely isn’t, and I admit that much. However, coming from Denmark and living there it isn’t often I meet a Canadian away from it. So most of my talks with Canadian hockey fans come from Twitter, and other social media sites, which is also where I get a lot of information. Seeing that Senior Writer at The Hockey News, Campbell, among others posted about it the small nations tarnishing the Juniors due to the blowouts was what sparked my desire to make the letter.

Having a platform as a writer on Overtimeheroics, I used it to offer a different perspective that people could see in order to make a more complete narrative overall. I know Campbell isn’t representative of Canada as a whole, but as a European, these are the people who we see bash our nation’s hockey program, year after year. We sadly, rarely hear from the majority and there, in my opinion, much more sensible view. We only know Canadian hockey fans off Twitter and that’s why I find it important to add a new view to the whole debate, which I feel the letter overall did.

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