Lions Interested in Talking to Seattle GM John Schneider

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News broke yesterday that the Detroit Lions are interested in interviewing the current Seattle GM John Schneider. This is not a normal situation as you can already tell from the fact that this candidate already has a job. Seattle must agree to let Schneider talk to Detroit unless the move is being made in an upward trajectory. Meaning Schneider would probably have to be offered the role of team president, or more.

Detroit Starts Their Search

Traditionally teams look from other teams’ front offices in a different position like the Lions did a few years back when they hired New England Patriots’ head of scouting Bob Quinn to be their general manager.

After that did not work and Quinn was relieved of his duties earlier this season it seems they have a different frame of mind this time around. This could be due to the lack of success Quinn had or the fact there is a different person doing the interviews this year as this is the first time the new majority owner Sheila Ford- Hamp is at the helm of this team leading the way.

The Lions did not hire an outside team to recommend interviews as they did last time. This time they seem to be leaving no stone left unturned and have already interviewed four outside people for general manager candidates ad well as three inside front office personal that are interested in moving up within the Lions organization as well.

Why Seattle GM John Schneider?

Seattle GM John Schneider has already left his footprint all over the Seahawks and their success over the last 11 years. His record while being the general manager of the seahawks is 111-63. He has worked for the team during their most recent run with Pete Carroll and has been to two Super Bowls and won one of them. This would be an excellent addition to the Detroit front office if he takes the job.

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