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2021 New York Yankees: The Infield Situation

The 2021 New York Yankees infield situation is nothing but confusing. Brian Cashman has one piece to the Yankees infield that can change the complexion and that piece is second baseman DJ LeMahieu. The gold glove second baseman is a very popular free agent and what happens if the 2021 New York Yankees lose him or keep him? There are still questions on how that infield will look.

2021 New York Yankees Infield With DJ LeMahieu

The biggest move and most important move in the offseason is to retain 2nd baseman DJ LeMahieu. Retaining LeMahieu will solidify the defense on the right side and have an awesome bat. The tricky part is, where will everyone else play?

Gleyber Torres has been playing shortstop for the Yankees. Although his offense is very good, his defense at shortstop is terrible. He also can play second base which he is better on defense but would be a step down in defense and offense from LeMahieu. Last season was a weird season for everyone so the organization should give Torres another shot at shortstop because they can"t lose his bat.

There is also a possibility of moving LeMahieu to first base. This would either put Luke Voit as the DH with Stanton or have Voit in a trade situation. They will miss his power at first base but this would move Torres to his better defensive position at 2nd base.

Then there is the possibility of getting a stud shortstop like a Lindor trade. With LeMahieu and Lindor expensive enough to lift the 2021 New York Yankees over the tax threshold this won"t happen. Then they can go the route of getting Marcus Semien or Andrelton Simmons in free agency.

The best-case scenario for the 2021 New York Yankees infield is moving LeMahieu to first base, moving Luke Voit to DH, moving Gleyber Torres to second base, and getting a stud free agent at shortstop.

2021 New York Yankees Infield without DJ LeMahieu

This possibly could put the Yankees in a better situation not defensively and offensively and defensively. At this time it looks like teams like the Dodgers and the Blue Jays have money to burn to acquire DJ LeMahieu. This is the save money now approach.

First, the Yankees can have the services of Luke Voit full time by keeping him at first base. Even though he isn"t great on the defensive end, they will keep his bat in the lineup full-time instead of DHing with Stanton. Plus now they will be able to have Stanton full-time at the DH spot.

Gleyber Torres can be a move to the second base where he is more comfortable defensively. This will add pop still to the second base position. Then they can add a trade package to try and get Francisco Lindor at shortstop.

This is the best possible problem solving for the New York Yankees infield. It"s a money-saving move and it can solidify the defense correctly.

2021 New York Yankees Infield Problems Solved

There is a big problem with the New York Yankees infield due to LeMahieu. Indirectly though, the problem is where to place Torres. Torres needs to be on second base and the best way to do it is not to waste LeMahieu"s talents being somewhere else. They need to walk away from DJ LeMahieu.

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