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Antony Lynn Fired: Who Will Be the Next Chargers Head Coach?

Black Monday in the NFL was yesterday which means coaches and general managers got fired around the league. This year was no different, as we saw Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn fired, along with Adam Gase and Doug Marrone.

Anthony Lynn Fired

Lynn was relieved of his duties early Monday morning. Lynn went 7-9 this season and was one of the few coaches fired this week with a career winning record, 33-31. Fans believe the team was poorly coached and it led to them blowing big leads or losing in close games due to coaching blunders. Thus, the termination of Lynn ensued.

The Los Angeles Chargers might be the most desirable place for a head coaching candidate to go. With a young and promising quarterback in Justin Herbert and a blue-chip edge rusher in Joey Bosa, not to mention other talented players, the Chargers have pieces built for success.

Chargers Head Coach Candidates

The Chargers have plenty of weapons for a head coach to work with. They have a franchise quarterback, premier defensive players, and talented offensive players to build around. An offensive-minded head coach would help with the development of the young quarterback and would help the team reach its full potential.

Brian Daboll– Another offensive coordinator who helps run a high powered offense and has been a huge part of developing a quarterback. Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brain Daboll, is another great option for a team looking to help a young quarterback. The work he was able to do with Josh Allen is remarkable, as he was able to completely fix most of Allen"s accuracy issues. Daboll"s ability to help quarterbacks and utilize talent at wide receiver would be huge for the Chargers.

Eric Bieniemy– The current Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator has been a hot name in coaching searches over the past 2 seasons, as the Chiefs have been the NFL"s best offense and have a superstar at QB. The development of Justin Herbert should be at the forefront and Bieniemy has been a huge part of the development of Patrick Mahomes. Coaches from Andy Reid"s coaching tree have been successful in the past and Bieniemy could be next in line.

Arthur Smith– Smith is an interesting option. While the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator wasn"t given a young quarterback to develop, he was given a disgruntled veteran to fix. Smith was able to help Ryan Tannehill find his full potential. Smith has been one of the best in the NFL at unlocking the full potential of his players. He proved that with not only Tannehill but with wide receiver Corey Davis, who had a career year under Smith this season. He could do wonders for the veterans on this offense and could help unlock the potential of someone like Mike Williams.

Another big part of this team is the defense. With players like Joey Bosa, Derwin James, and Kenneth Murray, the defense is set up nicely for the future. While I don"t think the Chargers would prefer someone with a defensive background, there are certainly some good candidates to be the next Chargers head coach that are defensively-minded.

Matt Eberflus– The Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator has gotten a lot of head coach buzz this season. Eberflus has led one of the NFL"s best defenses in Indy. The Colts defense is full of young and talented players that have been able to blossom under Eberflus. I think Eberflus probably stays in Indy for one more season as other defensive coordinators will be more intriguing to teams. However, Matt Eberflus could be an interesting option for the Chargers head coaching position.

Robert Saleh– Saleh is the biggest name at defensive coordinator for anyone looking for a head coach. The San Francisco 49ers current defensive coordinator has led one of the league"s most exciting and intriguing defenses. He utilizes a good mix of veterans and well developed young players. Saleh was able to help the bunch reach the Super Bowl last season. Many thought he would win a job last year with the Cleveland Browns or several other teams. With his leadership skills that shape the way he runs his defense and his attitude, he seems to be a great head coach one day.

The Los Angeles Chargers head coaching position needs to be filled, and the team has a number of good options to fill the job. My best guess would be a young offensive minded coach to help guide Herbert. However, a strong minded defensive leader like Robert Saleh could bring new meaning to this team.

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