Collin Sexton is the Most Underrated Player in the NBA: Why 2021 Will be His Year

Collin Sexton is the most underrated player in the NBA
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - April 14: Collin Sexton #1 Alabama, in action during the Jordan Brand Classic, National Boys Team All-Star basketball game at The Barclays Center on April 14, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Collin Sexton is the most underrated player in the NBA and has been underrated since he entered the NBA in 2018. The Young Bull has vastly improved his game in an all-around fashion entering his third year as a pro.

Why Collin Sexton is the Most Underrated Player in the League

Sexton has improved every single year as a scorer, averaging at least four or more points per game than the previous season so far in his career. That includes this smaller sample this season where he’s averaged 25.7 PPG compared to his 20.8 last season.

But we’ve seen more improvement in the other varieties of his game so far this season, rather than just in his scoring. Collin Sexton has obviously taken the initiative to improve his defense and his playmaking skills in the offseason. He’s averaging 1.4 steals per game, which is his career-high. He’s been more intense on the ball and has become a pest on defense. He doesn’t give up on plays as easily as he has in the past.

His defensive capabilities are growing as well as his passing abilities. He’s averaging a career-high 3.4 assists per game, which seems low, but the improvement has been apparent when you watch his game.

In past seasons, Sexton hasn’t really looked to make the extra pass or make a playoff of a screen besides scoring the ball. This year, he’s shown that he is a willing passer and it’s been clear that he is actually looking to spread the ball around more. The numbers will likely improve over the course of the year as the team gets healthy.

Collin Sexton has the talent, but not the recognition from national media.

Sexton began showing up more on major sports outlets after his game-clinching 3-pointer against the Atlanta Hawks on January 2nd, where he outperformed Trae Young. Sexton didn’t make most outlets’ top 100 NBA players lists, and that will prove to have been sheer disrespect to the 22-year-old.

This season, early on, I think Sexton has proven he will be at least the third-best player out of that 2018 NBA Draft class, sneaking by Shai-Gilgeous Alexander.

Sexton is arguably the best player on the Cavaliers and has to lead them to what is good for one of the Eastern Conference’s best records. This is a good start for a team that normally has slow starts to the seasons.

All I will say is keep your eye on Collin Sexton and hop on the bandwagon before it is too late because Collin Sexton is the most underrated player in the NBA

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