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Gilbert Burns vs Kamaru Usman Official for UFC 258

The long-awaited matchup, Gilbert Burns vs Kamaru Usman, is finally coming to fruition at UFC 258, on February 13th! Join me, as we briefly go over the hectic events that prevented them from fighting on their original scheduled date of July 11th, at UFC 251.

The Prologue of Gilbert Burns vs Kamaru Usman

The date was July 4th. The world was in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, and fighters were withdrawing from fights left and right. So that’s why people weren’t terribly shocked when the news broke; Gilbert Burns had tested positive for Coronavirus and was out of the fight.

Scrambling to fill his spot, the UFC brass centered on big money Masvidal, who accepted the fight vs. Usman and was celebrated as a hero for accepting the fight on 6 days’ notice. Kamaru would utilize his strength and size, to hold Masvidal against the cage for the better part of five rounds, and come out victorious. His next opponent? Gilbert Burns of course.

Fresh off an extremely impressive win against former welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, Gilbert’s dreams of a title shot were snatched away by the terrible scourge called COVID-19. Now, he’s recovered, and ready to go. The pair face off on February 13th, at UFC 258, so be sure to tune in!

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