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Dana White: Scorned Savior of Sports

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Respect. The man known as Dana White has at least merited that much from us, the media members. As much as we scorned him, he persistently advanced. As a whole, the media conglomerate threw every obstacle to put a full stop to sports, and Dana being Dana, found a way to keep going. When sports overall finally “bend the knee” to COVID-19 (That pun was sponsored by “Triple C,” Henry Cejudo), Dana White decided that he wouldn’t be a savior for sports, but rather, a savior for his child, the UFC. Dana tucked his chin and cruised through the barrage of obstacles we threw at him.

The UFC President and his team researched and incorporated the safest protocols to protect everyone involved from COVID-19. He managed to isolate all his COVID-19 cases caught during fight week and contain them, which some US states are struggling to do. Mr. No Nonsense birthed into this world the concept of Fight Island. He gave opportunities for up-and-coming stars to shine in a very bright spotlight. Let’s highlight an awe-inspiring 2020 from one of the world’s most significant sports promoters.

Dana White Success in 2020

2020 was a crappy year. It broke our hearts when it robbed us of Khabib vs. Ferguson for the 6th time (!). we lost many great sports legends. Khabib lost his dad. McGregor lost his “comeback season.” COVID-19 halted the plans for a Dublin event. COVID-19 wouldn’t let poor Leon Edwards get a fight. Khabib retired from the sport of MMA, leaving so many questions for the division while also leaving us wanting a super fight for 30-0. Tony Ferguson is on a losing streak (!). 2020 highlighted to us how bleak and dark things could be. And guess what? Dana White took all that, stubborn as he is, and still brought the people at home some enjoyment during excruciatingly long lockdowns and quarantines. The fact that we could expect a fight card almost every Saturday when we woke up, that’s a big shout-out to Dana. Mr. White paved the pathway for other sports to follow in the UFC steps to get their gears back and running. Dana White seemed to play every card at the appropriate time to come out on top, looking like the victorious savior that he is. The Boston native got heavily scorned for being selfish on his “kamikaze” mission to restart sports. This stubborn savior walked through a field of fire that is the media conglomerate, and he is plain old Dana said, “F*** you.”  And if that isn’t the core of Dana White, then I don’t know any other way to put it.

The UFC Production team, to the joy of Dana White, made a video highlighting the 2020 UFC roller coaster journey. And my oh my. I’d expect dana to blush every time he watched it. White got depicted as the second coming of the Messiah & Savior, Jesus Christ. Honestly, Dana White, the way the team portrayed him, made Rocky look like a lousy underdog. The point in this matter is that no matter what happens, Dana will have the critics. He could save the world from the zombie apocalypse, and people would hate on him. Heading into 2021 with the training wheels off, Dana White looks to continue the success of 2020 into 2021. A man like Dana can never rest on his laurels, for his enemies lie in the shadow, waiting to strike.

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