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Bruins Coach Cassidy And Tuukka Rask Press Conferences

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Boston Bruins Coach Bruce Cassidy spoke to the media regarding goalie Tuukka Rask.

"He feels good, practicing well. He’s been here for an extended period of time now, working out here at the facility. Obviously, he’s ready to go in that regard. Like I said, to my understanding, everything’s great at home with his wife and his girls, so that’s most important and usually puts you in a good place to go to work, whatever your career is. That’s the way I see it with Tuukka."

Bruins Coach Cassidy 01/05/2021

According to the video, the coach said that he was confident in Rask"s ability to play this season. He continued by saying that there will be some changes in defense that effect the goaltending. Cassidy didn"t seem to be concerned with how Rask or Jaroslav Halak will handle playing with some younger defencemen.

However, this interview had stirred up a revisit of last year"s playoffs when Rask left the bubble to go home. The truth of the matter was that his daughter was sick, and he needed to be there. But some people are still upset that he left and felt as if he abandoned the team.

Tuukka Rask Speaks to Media

Earlier today Tuukka Rask spoke to the media about this matter. Here is the video:

(Video Credit: Via Twitter from NBC Sports Boston)

Now that it out, people can stop hating. Let"s move on and get ready to watch the 2020-21 season. Remember as fans we are a part of the team too by supporting them via wearing their merchandise, watching on tv, or going to games and also writing these articles. If hockey has taught me anything over the years it that we are all together as a whole no matter what the situation! #BostonStrong

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