2021 Philadelphia 76ers: No Hope for Ben Simmons

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Philadelphia 76ers star, Ben Simmons, is a career 59% free throw shooter and a career 28% mid-range shooter. There is absolutely no historical precedent for a player with that efficiency ever becoming a serviceable shooter. There is no hope for Ben Simmons.

Notice most shots are made close to the rim. No outside game as a guard.

2021: Ben Simmons Expectations

There is a good reason for anyone, from fans, to even the organization, to think that the expectations of Simmons being a good shooter will not happen. Some critics think he can develop into a “Rajon Rondo” type of shooter, but at the same time, both don’t shoot over 30% in mid-range jumpers. These same critics once said Ben Simmons could at some point transform his shot into something reliable but it just hasn’t happened. About 93% of all Ben Simmon’s shots come from less than 10 feet away from the rim and is nowhere near explosive to the rim like Zion Williamson is.

Ben Simmons is a Disappointment

How can Ben Simmons possess a 6’10 frame and a lot of talent never be explosive enough to get to the rim? He can have a spectacular triple-double game on a given night and have single-digit stats for a week. Simmons has always been a very inconsistent offensive player.

With a 6'10 frame, there is no hope for Ben Simmons and his shooting struggles.
In this photo taken on October 5, 2018, Ben Simmons (C) of the Philadelphia 76ers goes up for the ball during the preseason NBA basketball game between the the Philadelphia 76ers and the Dallas Mavericks in Shanghai. (Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Photo credit should read STR/AFP via Getty Images)

In high school and college, Ben Simmons was a very dominant player, overpowering the opposition to the rim. They never gave him the tools to perfect a solid jump shot. As he was becoming the biggest, strongest and fastest player in high school and college, he didn’t have to develop a ton of skills because he was already better than most. Once he got to the NBA, every player is the best of the best and great athletes. Simmons can’t just use his size and doesn’t have the right skills to fall back on. The lower levels failed him at the juncture of his career.

Ben Simmons Best Qualities Don’t Outdo the Bad

The 76ers are still high on Ben Simmons for the crafts he does possess. He is an elite passer for a big man and one of the best defensive minds on the court. With that in mind, he could have been an epic player in this era, but his lack of tools won’t give him half the potential he should have.

Due to Simmons being such a tall guard he will never have the leverage of penetrating the perimeter. It’s hard to understand that he has trouble getting 17 points a game with his best shot selection and range being the same as Center, Joel Embiid.

What to Expect from Ben Simmons

We all can realize that Simmons will never become a good shooter. What we can’t realize is why he can’t still be a legend with what he possesses. Get better shooters around him and watch him become Draymond Green 2.0. He needs to focus on being a secondary ball-handler, but he is still a long way from learning how Green plays the half-court offense.

Ben Simmons could end up being a Forward/Center role sort of like Bam Adebayo from the Miami Heat. They can start the offense with Simmons just like Miami does with Bam because of his ballhandling and passing skills. Unfortunately, that won’t work due to the presence of Embiid at Center taking up all the space.


At this point, it seems that Ben Simmons reached his peak offensively. He is so young though. Does he have enough talent to get a ring? At this time it looks hopeless with the 2021 Philadelphia 76ers.

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