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UFC and USADA Make Striking Stance Change on Marijuana Use

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UFC fighters worldwide are surely rejoicing after a recent policy change by the UFC and USADA. Announced Thursday, athletes testing positive for marijuana will no longer be penalized by the U.S anti-doping agency under the UFC’s anti-doping policy.

Meaning, a fighter can test positive for the drug, and regardless of levels, avoid punishment. “Unless additional evidence exists that an athlete used it intentionally for performance-enhancing purposes” (Source)

However, this change does not affect State Athletic Commissions and their own policies. So fighters, be warned!

UFC and USADA change policy, but will they change records?

So, another historical moment occurs in this marvelous sport we call MMA. Now, my only question: what of the fighters who have had their livelihoods affected by this archaic outlook on Marijuana? Now now, I’m not going to advocate for pot or anything, but something seriously needs to be done. So many fighters have had their careers altered by suspensions or result changes due to marijuana. Take Nick Diaz for a prime example; suspended for 5 years because of it. Or, Niko Price when his draw with the beloved Cowboy Cerrone was overturned to a no-contest, and Price was suspended for 6 months and fined almost 10 grand!

So, while the UFC and USADA are now changing their minds on recreational Marijuana use, fighters punished before the stance change will remain penalized (I guess?!). Folks, am I the only guy who’s going to say that’s BS?

Alas, who am I to complain though? Let’s just be glad the UFC and USADA finally adjusted their stance on the drug.

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