The 10 Best Backyard Baseball Characters

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Nostalgia trip anyone? It is Saturday morning, no school for the weekend. You wake up and are excited for one thing and one thing only, Backyard Baseball. The intro music hits, and you are now picking your team for the game, who is the best available? Well, I am going to give you the best Backyard Baseball characters.

The Worst Backyard Baseball Characters

Jorge Garcia

Only two ratings across the board and will struggle to see without his glasses? Garcia is far and away the easiest choice for the worst Backyard Baseball player in the game. The lone reason he will end up on your team is if you want the worst player and are up for the challenge.

The 10 Best Backyard Baseball Players

#10.) Ernie Steele

If you are looking for a trusty glove to place at third, look no further than Ernie ‘Funnybones’ Steele. He may be a subpar hitter, with only two ratings with batting and running. But if there is trouble with the starter, Steele can supply some good innings out of the pen. He certainly is not one of the stars of Backyard Baseball, but a trusty glove can go a far way.

#9.) Mikey Thomas

The prototypical boom-or-bust candidate to hit from the middle of your line-up, Thomas brings limited value outside of his tremendous power. Stick him in right field, and near the middle of your order and it will be alright. ‘Nugget’ does not have any speed, but the power he brings thrusts him into the top ten.

#8.) Angela Delvecchio

Outside of batting and pitching, Delvecchio does not bring anything to the table. She is slow and struggles to field her position. However, ‘Sugar Pop’ is one of the two best pitchers in Backyard Baseball, so she has to make the list for solely that reason.

#7.) Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan is pretty average across the board. She thrives at her natural position of Shortstop and can be a solid contact hitter at the bottom of the order. Certainly, nothing jumps off of the page, but there is also nothing to scoff at. She is more than deserving at her spot of number seven.

#5.) Jocinda Smith

Jocinda Smith ‘MVP’ is going to be one of your best players. She will be a middle of the line-up bat and play a corner outfield position. The question is her average speed but overall, she is a plug and play with nothing much to worry about as each skill is average to above average.

#4.) Kiesha Phillips

Kiesha Phillips is the best option for your starting centerfielder and lead-off bat. She has power, speed, and can flash some leather out in centerfield. ‘Flash’ should always be a top pick for your Backyard Baseball team.

#3.) Pete Wheeler

‘Wheelie’ definitely earned his nickname as he is one of the fastest players in the game. On top of that, he can handle a bat pretty well. Defensively, he is above average as well. Wheeler is one of the few ‘four-tool’ players in Backyard Baseball and is more than deserving to be drafted to your team.

#2.) Kenny Kawaguchi

Kenny Kawaguchi, better known as the ‘K-man’ does exactly that. Kawaguchi is far and away from the best pitcher in the game, and will more than likely strike out a lot of opposing hitters with his impressive breaking stuff.

#1.) Pablo Sanchez

Was there any question? Sanchez is a legend in Backyard Baseball characters and should always be your first choice. He can play anywhere in the field, hit for power, hit for contact, is speedy, and if needed, come in and strike a few hitters out. He is truly the Mike Trout of Backyard Baseball and is more than deserving of the number one spot.

Who did I miss?

There are plenty of greats in the Backyard Baseball franchise, and if I missed one feel free to say something! Nostalgia trips about this great baseball game for everyone!

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