2010’s All-Decade Team Using Only Award Winners

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The 2010s was a decade that flourished with talent. Every season players are awarded for their on-court abilities, such as Steph Curry’s unanimous MVP season in 2016 or one of the several six-man awards given to Lou Williams throughout the course of the decade. Looking back at this decade, what would an All-Decade team of the 2010s look like using only award winners?

Point Guard: Steph Curry

This pick should come to absolutely no ones surprise.

The 2x MVP was not only the best point guard of the decade but has been one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game. Steph’s dominance beyond the arc quite literally revolutionized the game. Becoming the only unanimous MVP in NBA history in the 2015-2016 season alone is enough to get Curry on this list.

Let’s take a look back at his back-to-back MVP seasons:

2014-2015 NBA Season

  • 23.8 PPG
  • 7.7 APG
  • 4.3 RPG
  • 2.0 SPG
  • 44.3 3P%
  • 48.7 FG%
  • 91.4 FT%
  • Steals Champion

2015-2016 NBA Season

  • 30.1 PPG
  • 6.7 APG
  • 5.4 RPG
  • 2.1 SPG
  • 45.4 3P%
  • 50.4 FG%
  • 90.8 FT%
  • Scoring Champion
  • Steals Champion
  • Most Three-Pointers Made in a Single Season

Steph Curry easily secures the starting point guard position on this All-Decade team.

Shooting Guard: James Harden

This next pick for the All-Decades team should come to no ones surprise. The Former MVP and Sixth Man of the Year can technically qualify on this list twice with two separate awards.

James Harden is one of the greatest offensive threats this league has ever seen, accumulating two scoring champs and one assist champ throughout the decade. James Harden is already one of the greatest shooting guards to ever play the game, a position that is stacked with iconic basketball figures.

Although Harden is earning a spot on this list due to his MVP award in the 2017-2018 NBA season lets first take a look at the season he won the Sixth Man of the Year award.

2011-2012 NBA Season

  • 16.8 PPG
  • 3.7 APG
  • 4.1 RPG
  • 1.0 SPG
  • 39.0 3P%
  • 49.1 FG%
  • 84.6 FT%

Now that we’ve gotten that season out of the way let’s take a look at the real reason Harden’s earned a spot on the All-Decade team.

2017-2018 NBA Season

  • 30.4 PPG
  • 8.8 APG
  • 5.4 RPG
  • 1.8 SPG
  • 36.7 3P%
  • 44.9 FG%
  • 85.8 FT%
  • Scoring Champion

James Harden was the only shooting guard to win an MVP award in the 2010s, easily securing his position on the All-Decades team.

Small Forward: Lebron James

Of course, the kid from Akron was going to make an appearance on here. A 2010s All-Decade team without LeBron James is simply incorrect.

LeBron James was the recipient of three MVP awards during this span, more than any player in the entire decade.

Let’s take a look at his three MVP seasons:

2009-2010 NBA Season

  • 29.7 PPG
  • 8.6 APG
  • 7.3 RPG
  • 1.6 SPG
  • 1.0 BPG
  • 33.3 3P%
  • 50.3 FG%

2011-2012 NBA Season

  • 27.1 PPG
  • 6.2 APG
  • 7.9 RPG
  • 1.9 SPG
  • 36.2 3P%
  • 53.1 FG%

2012-2013 NBA Season

  • 26.8 PPG
  • 7.3 APG
  • 8.0 RPG
  • 1.7 SPG
  • 40.6 3P%
  • 56.5 FG%

Again, no surprise here.

Power Forward: Kevin Durant

This position ultimately came down to two players; Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Both were MVP winners in this decade, however, I ultimately decided to go with the clear choice in Kevin Durant because of his consistency throughout the decade.

Kevin Durant only won the MVP award once throughout the decade, however, year in and year out he has been a top-two player in the league.

Let’s take a look at his MVP campaign in the 2013-2014 NBA season.

2013-2014 NBA Season

  • 32.0 PPG
  • 5.5 APG
  • 7.4 RPG
  • 1.3 SPG
  • 39.1 3P%
  • 50.3 FG%
  • 87.3 FT%
  • Scoring Champion

Of course one of the most electrifying and efficient scorers in NBA history would have his place in this version of the 2010’s All-Decade team.

Center: Dwight Howard

Unlike the other positions, we couldn’t use an MVP award to easily choose a player for this spot. However, one award that centers dominated over the last decade was the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

7 out of the 10 DPOTY awards were given to centers.

  • Dwight Howard – 2
  • Rudy Gobert – 2
  • Tyson Chandler – 1
  • Joakim Noah – 1
  • Marc Gasol – 1

With this being said, Dwight Howard was the clear-cut choice here. So let’s take a look at his back-to-back DPOTY campaigns in the 2010s decade.

2009-2010 NBA Season

  • 18.3 PPG
  • 13.2 RPG
  • 2.8 BPG
  • 0.9 SPG
  • Rebounding Champion
  • Blocks Champion
  • Led the league in FG%
  • All-Defensive 1st Team

2010-2011 NBA Season

  • 22.9 PPG
  • 14.1 RPG
  • 2.4 BPG
  • 1.4 SPG
  • All-Defensive 1st Team

With relative ease, Dwight Howard earns his place in the 2010s All-Decade team.

Sixth Man: Lou Williams

Lou Williams dominated the 6th man of the year awards for the 2010s. Williams won 3 out of the 10 awards, and the only player to win more than twice.

Williams is the clear candidate to fill the sixth man role in this All-Decade team.

A look at his three 6th Man of the Year seasons:

2014-2015 NBA Season

  • 15.5 PPG
  • 2.1 APG
  • 1.9 RPG
  • 1.1 SPG
  • 34.0 3P%
  • 40.4 FG%
  • 86.1 FT%

2017-2018 NBA Season

  • 22.6 PPG
  • 5.3 APG
  • 2.5 RPG
  • 1.1 SPG
  • 35.9 3P%
  • 43.5 FG%
  • 88.0 FT%

2018-2019 NBA Season

  • 20.0 PPG
  • 5.4 APG
  • 3.0 RPG
  • 36.1 3P%
  • 42.5 FG%
  • 87.6 FT%

While other candidates like Jamaal Crawford have an argument, I chose to give the edge to Williams due to his extra 6th man in the 2010s decade.


The 2010s was a decade filled with generational talents. I took my All-Decade team to the next level using only award winners. If you were to change anything what would it be and why?

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