2021 LA Kings Hope for Better Puck Luck

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The 2021 Los Angeles Kings are surely hoping they get better puck luck tonight as they face off against the Colorado Avalanche. The Kings have a good all-time record against the elite Avalanche team. They are 20 games above .500 at 72-52. The 2021 LA Kings will look to keep those winning ways going tonight.

It will certainly not be easy for the Kings to get their first win of the season tonight. The Avalanche, as many know, are most people’s early Stanley Cup favorite. The Avs, after a bad first game, bounced back soundly against the St. Louis Blues. They handed them the biggest loss of the season thus far with an eight nothing dominating effort. So, safe to say, they are feeling frisky coming in to play the Kings. It will now be up to the LA Kings to answer the Avalanche’s energy early to be able to have a chance in this one.

2021 LA Kings Need Better Puck Luck

Without better puck luck, the 2021 Kings are going to have an even harder task against the elite Avalanche. Sure, being up 3-1 in both games, the Kings also need to defend the lead better. No argument there. It’s just the way in which key goals were scored, due to very unlucky bounces for the Kings. Example a is the game-tying goal in game one from Marcus Foligno, where the puck bounced down to him for a spin around chip shot.

Then, of course, example b is in the same game when Kirill Kaprizov snatched the puck at the blue line but lost it while trying to make a move. The only problem for the 2021 LA Kings yet again, was bad puck luck. The puck ended up kicking off of Kaprizov’s skate and in after he lost possession on the move. Jonathan Quick did play well in game one, however, which is a very good bright spot for the 2021 LA Kings.

Then, when all Kings fans thought there was no way the puck luck could hurt them again they were wrong. The game-tying goal in game two by Matt Dumba proved just that. The puck was thrown in front of the net off a King. Ryan Suter fired it for a deflection tying goal by Dumba.

We are not done yet though. That is right. The 2021 LA Kings have also had another unlucky bounce or, should I say, changeup. Kaprizov, with seconds left in OT, sent the puck across to Marcus Johansson, who whiffed on the shot which actually helped him. It looked like Quick got over in time for a full boar shot but, because of the changeup, it ended up going over his equipment.

So it is safe to say the 2021 LA Kings will be looking for much more lucky bounces going their way in the future. You know what they say, what goes around comes around. So as the 2021 LA kings head in to face the Avalanche, it is going to be key to have some puck luck. It is also going to be pivotal, however, to play key five on five defense late as well.

If the Kings get off to another good start tonight against the Avalanche, they need to keep it full throttle. Any let up against a team like the Avalanche will mean trouble. As long as the 2021 LA Kings are able to play their game as they did in the first two games, tonight’s game should be a good one. They will just need to be hoping the hockey gods are on their side in this one going up against the elite Avalanche. The 2021 Kings will look to make their all-time record against the Avalanche 21 games over .500 after tonight.

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