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Kevin Porter Jr. to Miami Trade Scenarios: Why it Makes Sense

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Monday that they would basically give Kevin Porter Jr. away for a bag of chips and a Sprite after a locker room outburst.

Reports state that Porter was angry when he came into the locker and saw that the Cavs had given his locker to newly acquired teammate, Taurean Prince, resulting in a heated argument with team general manager, Koby Altman.

The Cavs are planning to either trade or release Porter in what seems to be quite the slap to the face. The second year player has been going through personal issues which have sidelined him to start the season.

Regardless of what’s going on between Porter and the Cavs front office, he is still an incredible player with a tremendous upside.

Here are a few possible trade scenarios for Kevin Porter Jr. to Miami.

Scenario #1:

The Heat need two things dramatically. A consistent starting point guard and a center. It’s proven our defense has taken a major hit and we’re not showing signs of improving. According to ESPN.com the Heat continue to be second to last in rebounds and 27th in both steals and blocks, all while averaging the most turnovers in the league.

* Disclosure: these trades will likely not directly fix these problems, but rather fill gaps the Heat need.

Heat Receive:

Cavaliers Receive:

There are always going to be pros and cons with trades. You can’t always win. So here are some takeaways with this first scenario:


The Heat gain a rim-protecting center and NBA champion in JaVale McGee. This would give Bam Adebayo the opportunity to move to his more fitting power forward spot.

Kevin Porter Jr. is an athletic powerhouse of offensive weaponry.

As an undersized small forward, KPJ can play point guard through small forward. With his 6’4 frame, he would be more fitting for the point guard role for the Heat.

The Heat also get rid of Harkless, who has had a very… underwhelming season.


Adebayo lives in the high post area. Getting any “rim protecting” center will clog up the lane for Bam. Like I mentioned earlier, there will always be give and takes in a trade.

Losing Nunn is a gamble. Nunn put up solid numbers last season, but has gotten off to a rocky start this year. We also don’t know what Porter will look like whenever he starts playing again. It will be a dice roll on who can be better with the team.

Scenario #2

This might be the best option in terms of gain for Miami.

Heat Receive:

  • Kevin Porter Jr.

Cavaliers Receive:

  • KZ Okpala
  • 2022 second round pick (via Philadelphia or Denver)


I know some Heat fans are very high on Okpala, so I’ll get some fight on this, but the upside of KPJ is just too high to turn a blind eye to. I think this would turn to be a huge win for the Heat and a great new start for Porter.


It’s a gamble. Okpala showed spurts of greatness in the preseason and gave Heat fans some excitement coming into the season. One might argue that the risk of trading isn’t worth it. Porter showed what he can do during his rookie campaign.

Scenario #3

Avery Bradley is someone Heat fans were very excited to receive. His defensive abilities tied with perimeter shooting make him a great asset to any team. This trade will focus around him along with picks.

Heat Receive:

  • Kevin Porter Jr.
  • JaVale McGee

Cavaliers Receive:

  • Avery Bradley (trade eligible on February 5)
  • 2022 second round pick (via Philadelphia of Denver)
  • 2024 second round pick (via Heat)


The Heat are able to gain their rim-protecting center and star sophomore (Read Scenario #1 on other pros).


Miami does lose some perimeter defense and shooting with this trade. Like I mentioned above, Bradley is a great role player and key asset to any team. It would hurt to lose him, but the gain is greater than the loss in this scenario.

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