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LFA 97 Results from UFC Fight Pass

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UFC Fight Pass impressed its viewers on Friday night with LFA 97 Browne versus Estrazulas . It is hard to talk other cards with Max Holloway braking all on his own records. LFA airs in Kansas where they practice open scoring between rounds. This was just started last year, and has really opened this writers eyes. There was a crazy scenario with opening scoring exposed in the main event title fight. Moreover the controversial events of late Pat Miletich was not commentating and reportedly no longer with LFA. Nevertheless we write about MMA on overtime heroics not politics.

Thomas Peterson kicked off the UFC fight pass event with a 19 second knockout. All it took was a straight left from the southpaw stance and the fight was stopped. His record increases to 3-0 and all finishes with punches in the first round. Peterson will be a fighter to watch since the UFC heavyweight division really needs new young talent.

The next two fights were pretty one sided with not the best refereeing. Josh Quinlan was very dominate of Joe Boertschig. The fight was finished in the 3rd where Quinlan smashed the body as well as getting a full mount. This fight was stopped a little late but we have all seen worse.

Next fight was Michael Stack verse Jordan Mapa. The first round was close and the open scoring showed 2-1 for Mapa. UFC fight pass commentators did not agree with the judges. Stack controlled the never finished Mapa in the second which ends by stoppage. Michael Stack’s records climbs to 5-1 after he first lose at LFA 87

The only women MMA fight on the main card was Loveth Young verse Kelly D’Angelo. Young made easy work of D’Angelo with a second round finish. Loveth improves her record to 3-1. Two straight fight finished with punches after her first lose by decision. We will see the “Nigerian Terminator” in the UFC strawweight division very soon.

Kamuela Kirk made quick work of Guilherme Santos with a finish due to punches. Kirk really needed this win after a two fight losing streak. One of those losses was a 22 second KO on Dana White’s contender series. Either way this was a explosive win that helps kick off a new year.

The co-main event with Jacob Rosales verse Jose Martinez was a great match up with opposite stances. First round was almost finished with a tight anaconda choke which transitioned to a guillotine by Rosales. Some-how Martinez was able to escape. In the middle of the second Rosales lands an unintentional illegal knee to the head, which turns into some hard ground and pound. This was reviewed, but LFA officials let the fight continue. The fight should have been stopped, and was poorly officiated by the referee. One judge even scored the round 10-7. Moreover Martinez did not looked damaged in the third, and showed some true heart. Rosales gets the unanimous decision but the Kansas Commission can review the illegal knee.

Now the Nick Browne verse Arthur Estrazulas main event for the vacant lightweight title was worth the wait. The first two rounds were pretty close, and seeing the score cards helped the open scoring argument. The first round was scored 2-1 Browne.

Then in the next round does the complete opposite happens with a 2-1 Estrazulas. Open scoring has both fighters aware that the fight is tied after 2 rounds. This should bring more supporter to the system. In the third Estrazulas landed a hard shot that Browne was able to take. Each round is pretty close with the main difference is Browne using the pressure to control the fight. Another part the judges saw was Estrazulas gas tank was looking pretty bad. Judges scored this round for Browne again 2-1.

As we move to the champion titles Browne is in the lead. If the open scoring system was not used we would have no idea who was winning. We carry on to the 4th and Estrazulas controls this round to make it an easier round to score. However the 2 judges still give Browne the round. Therefore after 4 rounds Browne is up by 2 with the third judge having the fight tied. Estrazulas needs a finish to win. If they did not know he may think he is winning or just need to take the last round. The last round is controlled by Nick Browne’s grappling to make him the new Lightweight Champion.

LFA 97 kicked off the year with excitement. If you do not have UFC fight pass then you are missing out. There are MMA and grappling events just about every week. Also do not forget the library of all the past fight cards. Open scoring in MMA is still new and has been interesting when looked at. It exposes the close rounds and allows the coaches to help their fight prepare for what is needed in the next round.

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