2021 MLB Season: The Three Teams Who’ve Lost the Most Ground This Offseason

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Heading into the 2021 MLB season, there are plenty of teams that have lost valuable assets. Whether it is by trade or losing their players to free agency, it happens and is part of the league. But which three teams have lost the most ground as the 2021 MLB season looms?

2021 MLB Season: Honorable Mentions

Oakland Athletics

Losing a Cy Young Award candidate in Liam Hendriks and the potential of losing an all-star caliber shortstop in Marcus Semien will ding any team’s chances at a title. However, for a smaller market team like the Athletics, not being able to retain stars will prove detrimental. Add in the loss of a steady presence of Robbie Grossman in their line-up, and the Athletics will be playing with house money next year.

It will be a lot of production on the shoulders of Matt Chapman and Matt Olson, and who will shut the door in the ninth? Interesting days lie ahead in the 2021 MLB season for the A’s. The only saving grace for Oakland is that the AL West will be arguably the worst division in baseball next year.

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays may still be able to manufacture pitching talent but letting go of former Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell will not only prove to be detrimental to the staff but also the locker room. When a star is traded in the way he was, questions arise, especially when talking about the reason why he was traded.

Losing Charlie Morton at his age is not the worst thing in the world for the Rays when considering the number of young arms they have coming up. But trading away the leader of the staff will prove more harm than good for Tampa heading into the upcoming 2021 MLB season.

#3.) Houston Astros

With news breaking of George Springer signing with the Toronto Blue Jays, and Michael Brantley rumored to do the same, Houston has lost two cornerstone pieces of last year’s line-up. Add in the injuries to Justin Verlander and the loss of Roberto Osuna and the Astros will be heading into the 2021 MLB season with a fraction of the roster they showcased in 2020.

But the news is not all bad for Houston. As mentioned with Oakland, the American League West division will be one of the worst divisions in the 2021 MLB season, so Houston can capitalize on that.

#2.) Chicago Cubs

With Jon Lester and Kyle Schwarber signing with the Nationals. Also, Kris Bryant’s name is in trade rumors. Cy Young Award candidate Yu Darvish is in San Diego. What is left for David Ross and the Cubbies?

It is clear that the rebuild is on in Chicago. When players that are All-Stars are in trade rumors and are let go, the idea is clear. It is time to start over. The Cubs had a nice run through the 2010s but now in the 2020s, it is back to the cellar for the beloved baby bears of the north side.

Heading into this upcoming 2021 MLB season, do not be surprised if Bryant is no longer suiting up for the Cubs, and do not be surprised if Willson Contreras’s name is in trade rumors as well.

#1.) Cleveland Indians

The Cubs certainly feel they have torn it all the way down, so how can Cleveland top that? Well for starters, they let go of arguably the best shortstop in all of baseball.

Francisco Lindor and Carlos Santana, two big bats in their line-up are no longer with the organization. Brad Hand, who was one of the best closers in baseball was let go by the organization. On top of those losses, the team may get a much-needed name change! Talk about tearing it all the way down! At least Cleveland still has Jose Ramirez and Shane Bieber to build around.

Whether it is cutting ties with a big star, or outright trading him because the contract would be too much. Teams find ways every offseason to lose ground heading into the next season. Looking at the upcoming 2021 MLB season, the five teams listed: Rays, A’s, Astros, Cubs, and Indians, have all fixtures in the playoffs. Well, times are changing, and letting go of stars happened for each one of the listed teams, so this upcoming 2021 MLB season should be an exciting one!

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