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2021 Free Agency: 4 Teams That Could Sign Corey Davis

As we head into 2021 NFL free agency, former number five overall pick Corey Davis has had an interesting career to this point. After being considered a bust through a first few seasons of lackluster production, Davis put together his best NFL season thus far. The Titans, to no one’s surprise, declined to pick up his 5th-year option the last off-season, making the 26-year-old a free agent.

The 2021 NFL free agency class is deep at the wide receiver position. Davis is one of the most polarizing players due to his interesting career path so far. He isn"t the best option on the market but could be the one that brings the most value.

2021 NFL Free Agency Destinations

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are in an interesting spot. They have a star quarterback in Lamar Jackson and a very talented offensive line. To most, the biggest need on this team, at least on offense, is at wide receiver. Marquise Brown is a solid player but has yet to break out into the star they thought he would. While Davis isn"t necessarily a star, he adds a ton of versatility to this offense. Outside of Brown, the Ravens don"t really have a reliable secondary option. Davis could add a big target outside for Jackson that he has never had in the NFL.

Baltimore"s offense is heavily focused on running the football. First, because they have great talent at running-back and an elite rusher at quarterback. Secondly, because the passing game struggled to get going many times during the season. Davis is a player who might not put up a fantastic season but gives the Ravens a player to take the heat off of Marquise Brown. The Ravens should be a top contender among teams that could sign Corey Davis.

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New York Jets

The New York Jets are in a rebuild. They do, however, have the second pick in the draft and are lined up to take a franchise quarterback. Among teams that could sign Corey Davis in 2021 free agency, the Jets are an interesting one. They have the money and have a need at wide receiver.

Denzel Mims is still growing into the player he could be, and Jamison Crowder is a serviceable slot. But in terms of an outside threat, the Jets could use help, especially if Mims can"t develop quickly. With their money, the Jets could go after a player like Allen Robinson, who has more production and is probably the better player.But the market for him might get to be too much.

The Jets might have to be the team that overpays to get a guy like Corey Davis because they are desperate to help their young QB and need to get a receiver. Davis"s market will depend on what the other more talented receivers get but he could get a larger contract from a team that is desperate to sign him. The Jets will have their pick of players in the 2021 NFL free agency period, due to their abundance of cap space, and roster flexibility. A wide receiver could be a top priority and Corey Davis could bring big things to New York.

Tennessee Titans

Davis had his 5th-year option declined by the Tennessee Titans earlier this offseason. That was before he put up his best statistical season in the NFL, though. Well I don’t necessarily know the relationship Davis and the Titans have, it would make sense for both sides. The Titans keep their talent at wide receiver and Davis stays in a familiar system. That being said it feels like Tennessee is ready to move on from the receiver after the four years he’s been there.

The Titans will have a need at wide receiver in the off-season but will probably look elsewhere as they won’t want to spend money on Davis. With a strong wide receiver draft class this year and a strong wide receiver free-agent class this year it would make sense for Tennessee to hedge their bets on someone else. Davis’s size and physicality are very similar to what the Titans get with AJ Brown. The Titans are one of the teams that could sign Corey Davis, or resign in this case, but I think they pass and go after a deep threat.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are my dark horse in the Corey Davis sweepstakes. Since Randy Moss, the Patriots have not seemed to value wide receivers highly. Probably due to having Tom Brady at the helm making everyone look good. The Pats have had bad luck and poor drafting over the last few seasons and trotted out one of the worst wide receiver corps last year, led by Damiere Byrd.

There are plenty of options for New England to choose from this offseason at wideout, and why not Davis. He is a big outside receiver that could compliment a player like Julian Edelman and could take the pressure off of now 3rd-year wideout N’Keal Harry to produce on the outside.

2021 NFL free agency will be interesting. With big-time names being available for trades and some all-pro players able to be signed. This lines up to be a very interesting month of March.

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Danny Baker
858 days ago
Let’s be honest, this is what Harry was supposed to be. So, he wouldn’t be complimenting Harry, he would replace him in that role.
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Jake Malensek
Replied 857 days ago
That’s what I was going for. New England really needs an outside presence.

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