#10 Texas Tech clashed with #11 West Virginia on Monday Night-Miles McBride Plays the Hero at Morgantown

Image for #10 Texas Tech clashed with #11 West Virginia on Monday Night-Miles McBride Plays the Hero at Morgantown

Miles McBride plays the hero in the closing seconds of the game as he got loose driving to the rim. I’ll touch on that final stretch of the game later.

Monday night showcased another game inside of the Big 12 conference. This time it was Chris Beard and #10 Texas Tech visiting Bob Huggins and #11 West Virginia. This top 15 match-up was the nightcap of the ranked play and it did not disappoint. The stars that you thought would shine, shined. It was just a hard-fought, physical game all around.

The one thing that really caught me off-guard was the final score of the game. Usually, when teams play Texas Tech it is pretty hard to surpass 70 points. West Virginia did that with ease last night, finishing the game with 88 points. How did they get there? Let’s start with the first half.

Momentum Swings Dominated the First Half

For about the first five or six minutes of the game, neither team could push away from one another. That’s until Jordan McCabe started to get a feel for the game. The junior hit a three early on and didn’t look back for the rest of the half. West Virginia had as much as a 10 point lead at a point in the first 20 minutes, but Texas Tech never budged. The halftime score was all knotted up, 39-39.

Jordan McCabe had nine points on 3-4 shooting from the field at the break. McCabe only averages 2.5 points on the season, so it has to be a good sight to see the junior playing aggressively in a big game.

Miles McBride Plays the Hero

It is safe to say that last night in the closing minutes of the game, Miles McBride plays the hero in the win. It was a game of momentum swings for the majority of the second half. The Red Raiders had 12 point cushion with 11 minutes to play. West Virginia surged back to only trail by one with 50 seconds left. At this point, Texas Tech’s Mac McClung has put on a show with 30 points so he was the go-to guy for Chris Beard. The next possession gave West Virginia life.

West Virginia is down one with 50 seconds remaining. This was one of the best West Virginia defensive possessions I saw in this game, McClung got the ball near half-court late in the shot clock after being face guarded the majority of the possession. With the shot clock about to expire, Terrence Shannon Jr had to force a highly contested three-pointer. The spotlight now shines on Miles McBride with 16 seconds left to play.

McBride got the ball in the back-court and went to work. He drove the right side of the floor and got into the post, put up a right-handed lay-up and IT DROPPED. With no timeouts remaining Mac McClung had to rush down the floor with four seconds to go. He had a really good mid-range look, but couldn’t get it to fall. West Virginia wins 88-87

Mac McClung and Miles McBride both had outstanding performances. They both went back and forth in the second half. McBride finished with 24 points and the game-winner. On the other side, McClung finished the game with a season-high 30 points.

Where Both Teams Stand

With the win, West Virginia moves to 11-4 (4-3). Which is good for fourth in the Big 12. As for Texas Tech, the Red Raiders fall to 11-5 (4-4). They fall to fifth place in the Big 12.

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