Chicago Cubs Players: “What if” Career Paths

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Ever wonder what Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Kyle Hendricks, and other Chicago Cubs players would be doing if baseball never worked out? Who would have been a teacher? Who would have been in finance? What would the now Chicago Cubs players have been doing all their lives without Baseball? Let us figure out these odd thoughts.

Anthony Rizzo

Growing up in the Sunshine State Rizzo always had his sights set on the major leagues, but what if that did not work out? Growing up in Parkland, Florida, Rizzo is no stranger to Florida life. Florida is known for many things, one of which being water sports. Take one look at Rizzo and you will realize he is the best fit to be a boat captain. Captain Rizz has got a ring to it, now imagine him sailing the open water with one of those captain hats.

Kyle Hendricks

Cubs ace Kyle Hendricks once studied economics at Dartmouth University, he is now leading the Cubs rotation. If “The Professor” never took the route of baseball where would he be? All signs seem to point back to his nickname, “Professor.” That is just it Hendricks would be a professor somewhere in his home state of California. He would be working daily to help shape the future of his students.

Kris Bryant

Like all Chicago Cubs players, Bryant always had his sites set on baseball. Bryant was a stand out ball play growing up in Las Vegas. If baseball never worked out for Bryant the opportunities would be endless, from his corky personality to his stellar good looks, a job in show business seems like a good option, but he had other plans. Bryant wanted to be a dentist, his 4.78 high school GPA would have made this a reality if he was not so damn good at baseball.

Javier Baez

If it was not for Baez’s magical fielding who knows where “El Mago” would be. Baez born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico attend high school in Jacksonville Florida excelled at baseball, like all Chicago Cubs players. If baseball was not his calling at first his glove has proved that Baez would be a magician and live up to his nickname El Mago.

Willson Contreras

If the Cubs catcher did not put so much work into baseball growing up, where would he be now? With his burly strong build, Contreras could have put his stature to work in the trades. Contreras is tough and powerful, hauling loads of two by fours around a job site all would be an easy day for Contreras. As a carpenter Contreras would help many families with the construction of their dream homes.

Rowan Wick

Wick may not be one of the Chicago Cubs players expected on the list, but he is Canadian there is a perfect job for him outside of baseball. One of the Cubs’ many relief pitchers grows up on the west coast of Canada. At first glance, you would think Wick would best fitted to run a maple syrup farm, but they do not have those on the west coast. Instead, Wick is perfectly suited to be a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Seeing Wick as your stereotypical Mountie is what fans need.

Chicago Cubs Players Alternate Careers

We have seen Rizzo as a boat captain, Hendricks as a college professor, Bryant as a dentist, Baez as a magician, Contreras as a tradesman, and Wick as a police officer. What about others? How about Jason Heyward, Craig Kimbrel, or other Chicago Cubs Players? This crazy alternative universe could bring anyone anywhere. Heck, maybe David Ross would be the president.

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