MLB BREAKING NEWS: Andrelton Simmons To the Twins

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The Minnesota Twins are back on the Hot Stove as they sign their shortstop for the 2021 season. To add to the MLB breaking news, Andrelton Simmons signed a one-year $10.5 million. While this isn’t a flashy signing, it gives them a very sound defensive infield. Rumblings of the Twins making moves have been sprinkled the entire offseason, and after signing JA Happ, they seem to be rolling.

Defensive Wizard Makes MLB Breaking News

The Minnesota Twins are getting a shortstop with 27 Outs Above Average. He has been known as an elite defender, and he leads all shortstops ever in DRS. He’s one of (if not the) best defensive shortstops ever and will make the Twins a lot better. While he isn’t much of a hitter, this MLB breaking news is huge for the Twins. They also have Josh Donaldson who’s also a good defender at the hot corner, so they’ll be a very good defensive team and be able to help their pitchers with stellar defense.

Turning Towards Starting Pitching

With the Twins now filling a defensive hole at shortstop, they can turn towards starters. As mentioned before, they now have a very good defensive infield. This infield helps pitchers who give up contact pitch better as they can rely on their infielders to make plays for them. This should open themselves up to get any starters they need and entice groundball pitchers to join them. Pitchers like Jake Odorizzi or Masahiro Tanaka are guys who could significantly benefit in Minnesota.

With the Twins making moves now, are they the favorites to three-peat in the AL Central? They’ll need to headline more MLB Breaking News for starters to become a juggernaut again, but they’re in the right direction.

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