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4 Dream 2021 NFL Draft Matches: Pitts, Fields, Paye, Ojulari

With a little glimpse of how the draft will be from last year’s showcase, we can expect it to be far from perfect. However, some things could happen in this draft that would be perfect. Then again, that’s why we are calling this the “Dream 2021 NFL Draft Matches.”

There are teams in desperate need of talent at certain positions. Some of those teams either don"t have a high enough pick or will likely not pick the player they really need. That is what this article is for, to kind of have some fun with the draft process.

Who said no fun was allowed? Honestly, this job is fun, which is why it really is not a job. So in this series of articles, we at Overtime Heroics are doing, we will come up with scenarios for players to have a dream fit.

Some of these are players you will know already—for example, Kyle Pitts from Florida and Justin Fields from Ohio State. The two were always all over national sports media and on winning teams. Then there will be players you may not know, like Kwity Paye from Michigan and Azeez Ojulari from Georgia.

As stated above, these matches likely won"t happen. However, they make sense for the player and the team. And what fan doesn"t want to dream about the best player possible joining their team? So without further ado, let"s get into it.

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2021 NFL Draft Matches: Offense

Baltimore Ravens Take Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts

It is no secret that the Baltimore Ravens need help on the offensive side of the ball. More importantly, they need weapons around Lamar Jackson. We all know they can run the ball because that"s what they do best. However, they are starting to become a little too predictable.

Adding a player like Kyle Pitts would help Baltimore tremendously. Outside of DeVonta Smith, Pitts was one of the best receiving options in college football. He was also the main reason why Florida"s offense was so explosive.

In Pitts last year of football at Florida, he put up video game numbers. In just eight games, Pitts racked up 770 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. Not to mention he did that in an all-SEC schedule, as a tight end.

Yes, Kyle Pitts is a tight end. So you may be asking yourself, “Why would they want Kyle Pitts if they have Mark Andrews?" and I would answer with, “That"s a great question, I"m glad you asked!"

As stated before, Baltimore is a run dominant team. Having two tight ends on the field in twelve personnel would help disguise their offense tremendously.

The Ravens could then run a lot of motion stuff with Hollywood Brown and use the two tight ends in the running game as well. Then again, this is just one of the dream 2021 NFL draft matches, but it would be amazing to see.

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San Francisco 49ers Take Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields

The 49ers have had quarterback trouble for a while now. Even after signing Jimmy Garoppolo to a big deal, it seems that position is the missing piece to get over the hump. This past season was an anomaly for San Francisco in terms of offensive rankings. They dealt with more injuries and COVID issues than any other team.

With the rumors about the starters quarterback and head coach not being on the same page, it would be great for the 49ers to take a quarterback to make one of the dream 2021 NFL Draft matches.

San Franciso also loves the run game, as we saw last season in their Superbowl run. Adding a mobile quarterback would be huge for them.

Justin Fields is one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in college football and lead Ohio State to a winning season, including a National Championship appearance.

In eight games, Fields finished with over 2000 yards and 22 touchdowns. Justin Fields also rushed for nearly 400 yards and five touchdowns. While those numbers are not nearly as good as last season"s, Fields showed improvement in a few areas.

Justin Fields would give the 49ers an advantage on offense with the different types of schemes and plays they could run. We could see a lot more bootlegs and designed runs for Fields. Again, it is just one of the dream 2021 NFL Draft matches, but it would be a treat to see.

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2021 NFL Draft Matches: Defense

Tennessee Titans Take Michigan Edge Defender Kwity Paye

The Tennessee Titans have major defensive problems to address in the draft this offseason. First on their list should be to find a pass rusher. Throughout the season, Tennessee had trouble bringing down the quarterback.

With just 19 sacks on the season, they finished as the third lowest team in that category. Adding an elite pass rusher would make their defense better all around and even help with the secondary issue. With the quarterback having less time in the pocket, the secondary will have less time to cover.

To make this one of the dream 2021 NFL Draft matches, Kwity Paye would need to be selected by Tennessee. This is a guy who has freakish measurables and athleticism. It is rumored that he has a faster 3-cone drill than Tyreek Hill. As a near 300 pounder, that type of athleticism is unique.

In his Junior year, Kwity Paye was a man amongst boys. He finished with 50 tackles and six sacks in 12 games. His senior season was not as good, as Paye only played four total games. However, he still showed flashes of NFL talent. If the Titans can add Kwity Paye, they will be in better form than last season. However, it is just one of the dream 2021 NFL Draft matches. Nonetheless, it would still be fun to see.

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Kansas City Chiefs Take Georgia Linebacker Azeez Ojulari

One of the best 2021 NFL Draft matches to see would be in Kansas City. We all know how explosive their offense is. However, their defense needs a little work. The linebacker group needs the most work on this Kansas City defense.

With the Chiefs drafting Willie Gay Jr. last season, there was optimism around the linebacker room for the future. While there still is, it does not seem like Kansas City is very optimistic with Gay Jr.

A guy to pair with Kansas City in one of the best 2021 NFL Draft matches would be Azeez Ojulari from the University of Georgia. This player may not be known as the rest mentioned in this article, but he was one of the nation"s best defenders.

Georgia was one of the best defenses in the nation last season, and that can be attributed to Azeez Ojulari. The 6"3" senior finished with 31 tackles- 12 for a loss- nine sacks, four forced fumbles, and two pass deflections, all in a ten-game SEC schedule.

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2021 NFL Draft Matches

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